Welcome 2024 and Happy New Year.

I hope you’re finding meaningful and aligned ways to settle into the energy of the new year.

I feel like I’ve had my eye on this year for quite some time. It may be because twenty-four is my favorite number, but I also have a sense that this is a collectively significant year. It feels like energy will be moving forward in unexpected ways.

As I have been attuning to the energy, the crystals and stones have had a lot to say — revealing deeper insights into the themes and messages from collective crystal and stone allies for 2024.

Clear Quartz and Selenite are the 2024 crystal allies for the year. They offer a vibrant light energy that activates our inner light and supports us in anchoring our light here on the earth. They also create a clear channel of energy that connects us with both the Divine and Earth energies. As we attune to their energy they invite us to sink into the winter energy of reflection and dreaming. They will help clear away noise and distractions so that we may slow down and attune to our own voice of inner wisdom and knowing. They will prepare us for planting crystal clear seeds of intention in the spring season.

2024 Crystals of the Year - Quartz and Selenite

In this episode I share the crystal allies with some of the deeper thoughts and reflections that have emerged since the live reading.

with joy,


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