Happy New Year!

Happy Full Moon!

Today we mark the first full moon of 2023. It’s a BIG one!

This is a great time to release what is complete from last year (or maybe even other times in life). You can do this with both the energetic and the physical stuff. Letting stuff go creates space . . . to breathe, to welcome new people, opportunities, and experiences, and to simply BE.

Not sure where to start?

I always feel like life supports us in natural ways, lighting up the places and spaces where we’ve been holding tightly to things that have passed their time.

As we crossed the threshold into the new year I found myself digging into the far corners of closets and cleaning them out. That led to me to unraveling some old stories and along the way my husband joined in by clearing out some of his own clutter.

Black Tourmaline is showing up as the crystal of the month for January. This potent ally has a lot to say about keeping our space and energy fresh and shiny. I felt like it was helping me out with all of my house cleaning, rearranging, and letting go.

While this week’s episode goes in a bit of a different direction, I do share each of the 2023 monthly crystal allies. These allies are pretty amazing and I’m so happy they are lighting the way for us this year. I look forward to hearing your stories and experiences along the way.

Download the 1 page Forecast Recap Here: 2023 Crystal Allies

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