It is time to live your wisdom.

And Powerfully Navigate Times of Change.

(Let’s work together to make that happen.)

It is time to live your wisdom

And Powerfully Navigate Times of Change.

(Let’s work together to make that happen.)

The world needs the Love, Light, and Wisdom You bring!

 Our work together will support you too. . .

◊  Transform inner dialog and self-talk from sabotage to empowerment.

◊  Break patterns of mental rumination with practical and meaningful sacred practices.

◊  Transform the ways past trauma affects your current life experience.

◊  Create a safe and healthy relationship with yourself, one that empowers you in all facets of your life.

◊  Cultivate the courage to stand in your center in situations that previously caused you to bend in unhealthy ways.

◊  Reconnect with your sense of joy, flow, ease, and wonder.

◊  Trust your voice of inner wisdom as a guiding force in your day-to-day life.

◊  Awaken a sense of meaningful vision and possibility.

Moon Rock by Fire - Lake Eva
Moon Rock by Fire - Lake Eva


Lori blows my mind every time we do a Shamanic Healing Session.

She knows how to get right in there, weave the divine magic within my soul, and pull forth just the right questions and inquiries to raise the roof of my consciousness to obliterate deep-seeded, old self-sabotaging patterns in the collective unconscious.

This is very powerful work.

Lucinda Rae

Hi, I am Lori A Andrus.

Over the past several years we have moved through big collective changes.

Along the way, these changes have created uncertainty, worry, and concern. For many of us, what once felt fulfilling and meaningful has shifted, and instead, a deep sense of fatigue has crept into our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Collectively, we are in a time when we are swimming in the depths of the unknown.

The unknown can be challenging to navigate. It can feel hopeless, isolating, and dark. But the thing about the unknown is that it is also the birthplace of new possibilities.

The currents of collective change are creating space for us to listen within on new levels. They are calling us to honor our voice of inner wisdom and inspiring us to take action by saying yes to our silent and deeply held dreams.

Self-discovery, healing, and courageously living a soul-aligned path are my jam. I love supporting men and women as they move through change and growth.

I am deeply tapped into the current pulse and have been able to support individuals who are looking for ways to navigate these times differently.

As we work together we will . . .

    • unearth your truth, by surrendering the cultural and generational un-truths that have created confusion and inauthenticity.
    • create space for you to make conscious and empowered choices by unraveling unhealthy and limiting threads of connection between yourself and others.
    • bring light to old stories, generational imprints, and limiting beliefs.
    • open pathways of unseen possibility.
    • hold space as you lay down the carefully crafted facade and step into the power and truth of who you are.

It is my intention to hold a safe and sacred space so that you may explore your inner worlds, heal, and transform.

If this lights you up, I’d love to work with you. Let’s dive in.

Here's how we can work together

Shamanic Healing Session

What would it be like to surrender the limiting beliefs and patterns that get in your way? Let’s find out!

During your private shamanic healing session, we will explore the challenges that repeatedly show up in your life and their role. We will get to the root, healing at a soul level and creating space for new possibilities.

Each shamanic healing session is as unique as you are. I draw upon all of the sacred tools in my toolbox, from my background as an occupational therapist to nearly two decades of shamanic study and practice with world-renowned teachers and practitioners.

It is a great honor to hold space for you as you sink into a deeper connection with yourself.

Each session is approximately 60-75 min. We will meet via phone or Zoom. Sessions are $325 each.

Shamanic Healing Session - Healing Room

4-Month Shamanic Healing and Mentorship Journey

Crystal Shaman - Lori Andrus honoring Mother Earth at Cave Point

Are you moving through a period of change, healing, or transformation in your life and finding it difficult to navigate in a way that feels empowering?

For example . . .

    • a change within a primary relationship.
    • the loss of a loved one.
    • a career change.
    • a move to a new home, city, or part of the world.
    • a spiritual awakening that is shaking up your perception of life.
    • trauma from your past is interfering with your ability to move forward or make and maintain meaningful change.

If you recognize yourself in the midst of any of these changes, it is a great time to take our work together to a deeper level. Healing and mentorship will support you to stay grounded and connected with your inner truth. You will discover meaningful ways to align with your true nature as you confidently and easily navigate what is unfolding in your world.

This package includes:

    • Four 60-75 min. Shamanic Healing Sessions
    • Four 30-minute Shamanic Mentoring calls

Working together for a series of sessions (shamanic healing and mentoring) is a pathway for making BIG Changes in your life. It gives you the opportunity to go deeper as we integrate energetic shifts and changes in practical and meaningful ways that are as unique as you.

We will meet via phone or Zoom for a private shamanic healing session each month. This will be followed up with a monthly mentoring call to support you with integrating the energetic shifts activated by your healing session.

Along the way, your daily practice will be enhanced by highly personalized rituals and sacred practices, which will bring our work into your life in practical ways.

The Shamanic Mentoring Package is $425/month or $1600 when paid in full.

What people are saying about their private sessions . . .

“If you have been noticing that you are more and more curious about Earth based medicine or Earth based practices or deepening your relationship to Divinity, I highly recommend checking out Lori A Andrus. Have a conversation with her even.

One of the most important qualities to her teaching style is true authenticity to her life’s work of helping people reconnect to themselves, their communities, the Earth and the Divine.
Her gift for holding space and assisting you to discover those relationships for yourself and in your own timing is truly transformative.
I am most appreciative of her guidance and encouragement to discover your personal experience and understanding rather than pushing or providing what someone else has determined those things to be defined as.”
Stacy Kimble

Illuminate Wellness

“I love Lori, Journey Jewels™ and all things this miraculous woman does! I’ve had transformational shamanic healing sessions, created ritual and ceremony with Lori, and I live in her jewelry! Whenever I open my treasure trove the first thing I gravitate to are her shamanic creations to empower me in my day. She is as soothing as she is inspiring and empowering!!!”

Tony Bergins


“I felt held throughout the process and now feel aligned with the elements to both support me and to birth what is next for me professionally and personally.

It’s as though we brought order and structure to the next chunk of time ahead. I now have clear guides for each project, sacred land and journeys to come … Thank you so much!”

Cherry-Lee Ward

Working with Lori feels like entering into a deep pool of healing love. Lori guides you along your path, allowing you to see and reveal all that you carry so that you can finally set it down. She holds you through your fear, resistance, and pain in the most loving embrace. 

Lori is a gifted healer. You are never alone and working with her is truly transformational. You listen to the messages of your soul in the sacred container Lori provides and leave a session with her with a clear sense of direction. I highly recommend Lori’s work!

Dr. Vanessa Sage

“Working with Lori in sacred Sedona was my reawakening!

Lori’s insight and loving presence held space for lifetimes of fear patterns to surface. I could see so clearly how reliving them was holding me back from expressing my true self.  Lori helped me to release those fears to the red rocks, and to fearlessly step into my intention: I AM FREE!”

Angela Bain

Lori was able to help me breakthrough a block that I had subconsciously placed.

During our healing session she guided me to areas that I needed to acknowledge and give respect and gratitude too before ultimately forcing those energies to leave my field.

She helped me to connect more firmly with universal energy and my higher self. It was amazing!

Thank you ?

Mary, the Psychic Animist

You are here to Shine Brightly in all facets of life.

Let’s work together to clear old patterns and ways of being so you can courageously share your wisdom with others and do the meaningful work you are here to do.

About Lori A Andrus . . . 

Lori is an artist, ceremonial guide, and wisdom teacher. With great joy and deep commitment, Lori artfully blends her background as an occupational therapist with nearly two decades of deep study in the areas of spirituality, earth-based healing, ceremony, and crystal wisdom.

Known for asking spot-on questions, she invites her clients to explore the most intimate facets of their soul. Her creative and inspiring online programs offer breakthrough lifestyle applications that support individuals in rising into their soul wisdom and shining brightly in the world.

Through the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast Lori shares practical ways to bring crystal wisdom and sacred practice into your everyday life.

She holds a bachelors of science degree in psychology and a master’s degree in occupational therapy. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body School, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a practitioner of crystal shamanism. She has traveled extensively throughout the Sacred Valley of Peru, studying with the high mountain medicine men and women.

Lori’s award-winning and wildly transformational jewelry designs have been featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, selected as Best of Show at the International New Age Trade Show, and are worn by women and men worldwide. 

Lori A Andrus - Crystal Shaman