This past week was busy. Very busy. I found myself immersed in both expected and unexpected projects while trying to gracefully navigate the mixed emotions that popped up along the way.

That was not always easy.

One of the unexpected bits that happened last week was that we had to have a tree taken down. Letting it go was emotional for me.

As I leaned into the emotions, I found myself called to journey and connect with the tree in that way. It was powerful. The tree had a lot to share. The surrounding plants had a lot to share. Spirit had a lot to share. And the process of having that tree removed, with reverence, unfolded in magical ways (I share more of this story in this week’s podcast episode).

Our relationship with nature is important. It is a point of connection to the rhythm of life, to our inner worlds, and to Spirit.

In this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space I sink deeper into some of the wisdom my maple tree shared along with the experiences I had in navigating my emotions around saying goodbye to this tree.

Here are a couple things you can expect in this episode:

  • Leaning into our emotions, allowing them to flow, be felt, and to be expressed in meaningful ways.
  • Another message from Black Tourmaline for the month of May.
  • Creating space for Spirit to create magic and bring things together in ways we could not otherwise see as possible.
  • How to be fully present with all that we feel and channeling those feelings into creative expression.
  • The importance of reverence in our relationship with nature.
  • And an invitation to join me for my upcoming 11-day Into the Forest Journey.

Listen in Here . . .

with joy, Lori A Andrus

Journey begins Wednesday, June 1st.

Let’s get outside, have fun, and connect with nature!

Join me.

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