Happy Easter!

Whether you celebrate this day from a Christian religious perspective or from a pagen, earth based perspective, Easter is a celebration of rebirth.

It’s fitting that Easter is celebrated during the spring season…all around us nature is beautifully mirroring this part of the life and death cycle.

Rebirth is a natural and glorious part of that cycle.
It is a reminder that we can begin anew every day.

Our inner rhythms and cycles are often reflected in the outer world, so it is natural for us to also experience this cycle of rebirth. We could recognize it as a desire to begin a new project, or the re-emergence of an old story or idea (whether to honor and heal or to finally embrace and creatively bring it to life).

One of the things that has most empowered me in my life is recognizing these natural cycles and learning how to move with them. Understanding how I experience each cycle has transformed how I live my life and and how I run my business.

As a part of my own cycle of rebirth I was inspired to explore this topic further and to share it with you in a free tele-class. This tele-class will be tomorrow. Learn more and register here: HTTP://LORIAANDRUS.COM/WIDEAWAKE/

I would love for you to join me!

Wishing you a joy-filled week of beginning anew!

with gentle awakening pink opal,

Wide Awake

Stone of the Week…Pink Opal

Pink Opal