Over the weekend I opened registration for Part 1 of my new series – Take it to Ceremony.

Part 1 of this series is a deep dive into the foundations of ceremony . . . all of the juice, grit, and magic that makes ceremony a sacred art and catalyst for healing, change, and transformation.

My heart is so happy to finally bring this program to life. It is one that I have been developing and nurturing behind the scenes for many years. When I recently returned from my summer in the forest, I received a crystal clear ‘Now is the time’ message. (Insert Happy Dance)

Ceremony is the soulful and sacred medicine we need in the world right now.

Years ago, when I started consistently working with ceremony, true change and healing began to unfold in my life.

As I shared it with family, friends, loved ones, and eventually clients and students, I noticed similar experiences for them as well.

Ceremony opens the doorway of connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

It empowers us to unite with spirit in ways that support us to directly source insight and wisdom.

It opens our hearts to unseen possibilities so that we can begin to vision a new pathway forward. And so much more.

In this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast I sink deeper into conversation about why ceremony is the medicine we need right now. Listen In: 

with love and gratitude, Lori

Take it to Ceremony – Part 1: the Foundations of Ceremony

Class Begins November 1st.

Learn more and register here:

Also on the Calendar

Live and In Person

at the Balance SoundSpace in Manitowoc, WI

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Nov. 12 at 6 pm – Your Courageous YES!

Dec. 10 at 6 pm – Soul Magic.

Jan. 14 at 6 pm – New Year Activation