Ugh…it’s back!  It can’t be…I’ve dealt with this, I’ve healed it, I’ve moved on…why is it popping up now?

Ooh…I’ve said one, if not all of those phrases during the past week….and I’ve been hearing them from so many other people as well.  Are you feeling this way too?  Have you seen an old story or pattern, one that you’ve worked with and healed, resurface recently?

I’m going to guess that if one did, you were also in the midst of making a leap or stepping forward into new territory.  It can be so frustrating when an old story rears its ugly head and throws us off course.

Before you read any further, I want to assure you…when an old story resurfaces, this is good…really good.  I know, I know, it’s annoying, you thought you were done with it, etc.  But the truth is this story is giving you an opportunity to really recognize just how far you have stretched yourself, how far you have expanded into your vision…and if you take a moment to reflect, I’m pretty sure you will be amazed by how far you’ve traveled and who you are becoming.  So, right now, take a moment to celebrate!

Ok…so Monday was full moon…a pretty dynamic one.  The full moon is known for shining it’s light upon all that has been hidden, and for me that meant a visit from one of my old stories.  It showed up in the form of a literal pain in the neck.  It’s pretty symbolic and definitely aligns with the new territory I’ve been exploring, but none the less it really put a kink in my process.

I’ve been in the midst of writing a book proposal.  It has been such a rich experience…and I’m falling in love with how the words, phrases and paragraphs are emerging as if from nowhere.  But sharing my voice in this way is something new for me.  I’ve dug deeper into my personal philosophies and beliefs and finally put words to them on paper.  And yes, I’m sure you can hear in my writing how this process has triggered fear, resistance, and some old stories.

In the past their resurface may have been enough to completely unravel me or been just the perfect excuse for me to throw in the towel.  But this time the weight of my vision is greater than the weight of this distraction and I am soooo committed to seeing this vision through.

I’m sure you can think of times when that has happened for you…times when the call of where you wanted to go superseded any distracting drama.  And I’m also guessing that regardless of your commitment, the distracting drama still showed up.  We all have different ways of handling such drama and this time I decided to look to the stones to discover just which ones would be the perfect support for such a time.

Here’s what I found:

1.  Step out of the drama with Black Onyx Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a stone of commitment, perseverance, and discipline.  It guides you in strengthening your inner will because it knows that attaining your goals creates a deep sense of satisfaction.

Black Onyx also knows that when an old story resurfaces in the midst of your process, it can very distracting and can even throw you off path…the old story creates its own world of drama.

Black Onyx will support you in recognizing the old pattern for what it is, old, and then it will guide you in stepping out of that drama and back into your rhythm of inspired action.  It disconnects you from distractions and quiets your mind so that you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

2.  Look at this story from a new angle with Labradorite.  Labradorite

See life, people, and experiences from many different angles…the first angle never reflects a full picture.  What appears simple from one angle can be powerful, complex or beautiful from another.

So is your journey…As you expand your vision, you see your journey in new ways.  You will begin to see all the colors of the rainbow reflected in your sacred path…allow this reflection to empower you to travel lightly and freely.

Smoky Quartz

3.  Honor where you’ve been and creating space for where you’re going with Smoky Quartz.

Smoky Quartz grounds and connects you with Mother Earth, the source of your inner strength.  With this strength you find the courage to face your fears taking a leap of faith into the unknown…trusting Spirit, trusting your guidance, and even trusting the unknown.

Smoky Quartz invites you to recognize your fears and honor the ways they have served you in the past.  Smoky Quartz knows this will give you the freedom and power you need to embark on your sacred path.  As you do, walk with pride honoring the path you’ve already traveled.


4.  Discover your Inner Strength and Power…You are so much stronger and so much more powerful than you think.

Pyrite is a stone of passion, power, and purpose.  It will show you how to ground into your core source of strength…this core is deeply rooted in the earth and stands tall like the grand presence of a sacred mountain.  Such strength awakens your deepest passion, aligns you with your purpose and ignites a fire within, anchoring you in the strength of your power.

The more powerfully aligned you are with the vision of your purpose, the more powerfully it will pull you forward, supporting you as you move through the resurfacing of old stories.

Rose Quartz5.  Give yourself space to breath by nurturing both you and your vision with Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love.  It invites you to embrace love, a love without conditions, a love that expands to your family, friends, your community, the world, and all of creation.  Such a love begins with you!  Rose Quartz will guide you in deepening your love for every facet of your being and guide you in embracing a love with no boundaries.


So…I’d love to know…what has popped up for you over the past week?  Did you have any visits from old stories?  If so, how did you move through them?  What did you learn from them this time around?  Did they become fuel or did they slow you down?  I’d like to invite you to share your experiences in the comments section below.