Hello my sacred friend!

It has been unusually warm in the midwest recently . . . the kind of warm where Chris and I have been enjoying our morning coffee by the fire on the patio (yes, there is still snow in that picture).

When warmer weather shows up in the midst of winter, I find that inspiration strikes and creativity begins to flow . . . fast!

This is what happened for me over the weekend, how about you?

The funny thing about this flow of inspiration (and warmer weather) is that I find myself feeling like I want to spring into to action, to begin bringing these ideas into form. Yet when I do everything becomes jumbled and messy. Words don’t flow clearly. Jewelry creations take longer than normal to create and they look (and feel) off. And my attempts at organizing anything creates an even bigger mess.

You may have noticed this too and felt frustrated wondering why if the inspiration is there the ability to bring them into form isn’t.

This is something I struggled with for a long time. And being a creative person I’ve spent years studying and exploring the creative cycle trying to understand the nuances about when to pause and when to move forward.

Right now we are nearing a new moon and solar eclipse (Sunday) and the energy of inspiration is flowing. For some of us it may even feel like it is pouring in and for others it may only feel like a little trickle . . . but it is definitely here.

New moon is a time that invites us to soften, to surrender, to be reflective and to allow our creative energy to gently flow. It’s a time when we begin to feel more clear about the details and how things are coming together. It’s not really a time for action and when we resist that and try to make things happen we create chaos, overwhelm, and burnout. So take a deep breath and slow down. Everything will come together in the perfect time. Use this gorgeous new moon energy as a time to get into the flow of inspiration, to open your channels and receive its rejuvenating energy.

In this week’s Priestess Pathway Podcast I share 3 great practices for opening your creative channels. Listen here:

Here are three great practices for opening your creative channels . . .

  1. Spend time in nature. Nature has so much to share with us about our creative cycles and timing. As we spend time in nature we become attuned to those cycles and how they are present in our own lives.
  2. Turn up the music. Sing. Dance. Play your drum. Move with the rhythm. Inspiration needs space to flow. Music is a wonderful tool for opening your creative channels . . . so turn it up and let it flow!
  3. Go for a drive. Explore new places. Get lost and find your way home. Open the windows. Let the wind blow in around you.



One of my sacred practices is to create weekly altars with my jewels . . . to shake up the combinations based on intuitive guidance, what’s unfolding in the collective, and so much more.

This week I am beginning a new series on this podcast to include a message, wisdom, and insights from my weekly crystal altars.

Listen to their messages here: