It is very warm here today . . . like 47. It feels more like spring than mid winter.

I even spotted some fuzzy and open pussy willows while on a walk earlier this week.

I love midwinter days such as this. They are refreshing and filled with sunny optimism. And they leave me feeling eager for spring.

Something about next week’s full moon, blue moon, lunar eclipse feels much like spring.

Over the past couple days I’ve been preparing for next week’s crystal ceremony.

I’m always intrigued by how preparing for a ceremony is about so much more than just simply creating a beautiful space or planning the ceremony itself.

Those are the obvious things. What’s less obvious is how spirit begins to open an energetic portal, gather the unique energy of the group, and how the energy and intention behind the ceremony gains its unique momentum.

Creating space for this portal to open and for our energy to come together happens in more subtle ways . . . like listening to our dreams, doing a little reflection, and creating internal space the inspiration, ideas, and vision that want to come forward for us in ceremony.

Ceremony is a beautiful way to create a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, to open a portal of connection with not only our higher self, but also with our guides, the angels, our ancestors, and the divine. 

How we prepare for ceremony is just as important as showing up and being present. 

In this week’s episode of Rooted Life Radio I share some great tips for clarifying your ceremony intention, tuning into the wisdom and insights that are already flowing days before the ceremony, and how to shift perspective about any challenges that may be popping up.

Listen Here:

xoxo, Lori

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