Happy New Year! And welcome 2017!

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to be entering the energy of this new year. Over the past couple weeks I have been feeling a sense of freshness, new opportunity, and a feeling that I can only describe as ‘having a clean slate’. Even as I write this message and feel this energy, I know the sensation is much deeper, but those are the words that come forward to verbalize it.

So I’m curious, what are you feeling as you step forward into this new year? Are you too feeling the sense of freshness, new opportunity, and possibly a clean slate?

I think many of us are. My numerology friends tell me this is because we are entering a ‘1’ collective year, a year of new beginnings and fresh starts. I like that. It feels in alignment. With this in mind, I feel a desire to simply breathe, create space, and let go of anything that no longer matches rather than race to fill this new beginning with lots of ideas and action. This may be part of the mercury retrograde energy we are entering the year with, but there is something powerful about allowing spirit to reveal the next, most empowered step on our path . . . and that happens when we create space to connect with spirit.

In this week’s blogpost and Priestess Pathway Podcast I share with you one of my favorite new year rituals! . . . Creating a personalized New Year Oracle Reading. This is one of the ways I create space for spirit messages and wisdom.

And today I’d like to share how you can do your own New Year Oracle Reading.

Lori + Oracle Cards

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For the past 10 years (I know, that’s a long time) I have begun my year with an oracle reading by drawing one card to reflect the energy or theme for each month. I record the reading (by writing down each card and it’s respective month on the pretty pdf below) and then tune into it throughout the year. I am always in awe, not only of of how accurate the reading is, but also of how each card / message is lived out and more deeply understood throughout the year.

This ritual has been incredibly beneficial in my life. Here are some of the ways . . .

  • It helps me anticipate challenges, obstacles, and opportunities for my soul to grow.
  • It supports me in planning my calendar for travel, programs (ones I offer and ones I take), when to begin projects and when to just allow them to be nurtured a bit longer.
  • It helps me attune to nuances in my natural rhythms and cycles.
  • It helps me to clarify where I may need a little extra support (extra self care, shamanic sessions, family, friends, loved ones, and even from an assistant).
  • It helps me attune to the energy of the year, a theme that is emerging in my life path.

For this ritual you will need: A quiet, sacred space where you can connect intimately with yourself. Your current favorite deck of oracle cards (or the deck that calls out saying ‘pick me, I’m your ally for the year’). A journal, pen, and a printout of the Oracle – Wheel of the Year pdf. Candle. Incense. Essential oils. Your favorite crystals. Inspiring music. (Ok, the last five are not necessary, but they really enhance the space)

Let’s begin by setting a clear + empowering intention for 2017.

Here are some of my favorite reflection questions to get you started . . .

  1. What was amazing about 2016?
  2. What was challenging during 2016?
  3. Is there anything that needs to be honored, healed, or let go of so that you are free to move forward in 2017?
  4. How does my soul, heart, all of me, want to feel and experience this coming year, 2017? Get specific here. Look at all areas of your life from relationships to work, family, friends, how you are relating to your home, your body, where you would like to travel, types of foods you would like to experience. Let your mind flow. Write things down. Then when you feel like everything that wants to be expressed is expressed, return to the beginning and re-read what you wrote. Circle words and phrases that jump out to you as powerful. Then look back through at what you circled. What is the theme? Let this theme guide your intention (word, phrase, mantra, or I Am statement).

Once you’ve set your intention it’s time to begin your reading! Yay!

Grab your favorite oracle card deck, print off the Oracle – Wheel of the Year pdf, and let’s begin! 

  1. Write your 2017 intention on your Oracle – Wheel of the Year pdf.
  2. Bring your 2017 intention into your thoughts. Feel it in your body. Connect with the emotion that makes this intention come to life for you.
  3. As you are connecting with your intention begin to shuffle your cards. This infuses the cards with your intention and aligns your energy with both the intention and the cards.
  4. Then pause and consciously focus on the insight or wisdom the cards have to offer for the month of January. Then pick a card for the month of January.
  5. Repeat for each of the following months (February – December).
  6. Write each of the cards in the month on your Oracle – Wheel of the Year.
  7. Post your wheel of the year reading where you can come back to it over and over throughout the year!
  8. Watch the magic unfold!

Download your pdf here: Oracle – Wheel of the Year

Wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly,

p.s. tune in next week as I share the 12 crystals that came forward for 2017 . . . oooh . . . they are amazing!