When you imagine your spiritual path, does your mind begin to paint a picture?

What does that picture look like?

Does that picture feel natural for you?…or does it reflect what you think a spiritual path should look like?

Our ideals are often very different from the beauty and magic of the truly sacred path we are meant to walk.  As we say yes to our path and yes to our purpose, we begin dropping the mask of who we thought we should be and begin embracing who we truly are.

Living our sacred path is not about creating a life of perfection or becoming someone or something other than who you are.  It is about aligning with your voice of inner wisdom and your divine purpose, and then allowing both to be your guide through all of life’s experiences.

This is what walking a spiritual path is about.

It is about knowing, deep within your soul, that who you are is enough.  It is about trusting that knowing enough to live a life that expresses your divine purpose.  It is about letting go of and healing every false story and belief you have created about yourself…the stories and beliefs that keep you separate from your true nature.

It is about saying YES to the magnificent person you are!And it is about bringing loving presence to all of who you are, every facet…and to every wild, turning over, magical, ecstatic, joy-filled, unraveling, perfect, and disjointed moment in life.Walking our spiritual path happens as we are fully alive in our wondrous life!

with new moon blessings,

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Radiant Seeker