Greetings from sunny Tucson!

IMG_0235I feel so full of things to share this week…between my 2000 mile, 3 day driving adventure to get here, the interesting hikes and animal spottings, shopping the gem show, and getting to meet up with some pretty amazing crystal lovers…this past week has been quite an adventure and I’m feeling so inspired, refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to begin the Crystal Immersion Retreat tomorrow.  Ooh…I am so excited!

This is my 4th year at the Tucson Gem show and I feel like I have been dreaming this particular journey into being since my first experience here.  It’s funny how long it can sometimes take to nurture a dream into reality.  But let me say…nurturing this dream, surrendering it, and allowing it to unfold as it has is leaving me in complete awe!

Amazing things happen when we are willing to believe in our vision, surrender it to the Divine, and take inspired action.

Dreaming our world into being is a delicate dance between action and surrender and each of us

has a unique balance…finding that balance…a sweet spot.

I really believe that my work with crystals and stones, creating sacred jewelry, and embracing sacred practices as a part of my daily life have helped me to discover my ‘sweet spot’…and this week as I step into the Crystal Immersion Retreat, I look forward to guiding our group to discover their unique sweet spot, bringing their highest visions to life.

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Shopping Amethyst with my Grandma….

Yesterday was her 91st Birthday…Happy Birthday Grandma!…and it was such a treat for me to peruse the Amethyst geodes with her (one of her favorites…and her birthstone). Shopping jewels with grandma


Meeting other Crystal Lovers and amazing Crystal Healers…

Hibiscus Moon of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy (she’s amazing & has a rich science background that she brings to her teachings of crystal healing…talk about grounding a practice that is often difficult to explain)

Philip Permutt and his wife Lyn (Philip is the author of Crystal Healer…available in many book stores and online…it’s a wonderful, easy to use book.  He & his wife Lyn teach crystal healing, meditation, and Reiki classes…and in addition to other books, they have co-authored a book on sacred sites…I’m pretty sure this will be my next book buy)




Sending you much love,