I’m so excited…so MUCH is happening here in my studio!…and behind the scenes here at LoriAAndrus.com.

Ooohhh…I’m stretching myself beyond what has been familiar and comfortable.  As I do this I know the most important voice for me to listen to is the one within that is cheering me on and saying “yeah!  it’s time…let’s do it!”  But I’m going to be honest…this is not always the easiest voice to listen to.

When I reflect on the times that I chose not to listen to my inner wisdom I see some sort of ‘hick-up” in my path or even feel a sense of regret…a regret that sounds something like this “If only I had trusted my instincts” or “if only I had trusted my gut”…or “if only ____”, “if only ____”, “if only ____.”

I’m guessing you can relate…and like me you probably have a list.

But how do we know which inner voice to listen to (sometimes there’s a whole crowd of voices in there)?  It’s simple (but it’s not always easy)…it’s the one filled with love, compassion, and true encouragement…the one that inspires empowered action.

This voice needs to be nurtured, nourished and loved.

One of the ways I choose to do this is by creating sacred pieces of jewelry that align me with my next steps.  These pieces help me to filter out the voices so that I can listen to the one offering pure wisdom.

For me, this is where magic happens.  In last weeks video I shared a bit about taking a Shamanic Journey where I received the stones and wisdom to support my next steps.  In this weeks video I share the process for selecting the stones I received in my journey…I am always amazed by how the perfect stones emerge for the next step.

Stay tuned because so much is developing behind the scenes & I am so excited to share it with you!

in the spirit of grounding vision and listening to your inner voice…Shine Brightly!
Journey Jewels

p.s.  Watch for a special announcement this Thursday…Ooh I’m so excited!

Hematite - Grounding Inner Vision