A hot word in my world today has been ’empowerment’. I’ve said it & seen it upon numerous occasions. It’s interesting to me because I also realize today how much my experience of this word has evolved.

I see that to be empowered is to live my sacred path. To commit to honoring my inner voice, my inner wisdom, and then sharing them with the world in my unique way.

I believe each of us has a sacred path to live, a unique experience and expression of life to share with the world. But I also believe that this can only happen when we are willing to look at and heal the stories of our past.

This is how we as shamans, healers, intuitives, leaders, visionaries, and guides move from the place of being the wounded healer to being an empowered guide.

Becoming an empowered guide is a journey of discovery and true empowerment is something we cultivate with sincere curiosity and love. It requires courage and a willingness to dig deep within. It is only from a place of true empowerment that we can clearly see the beauty and magnificence of our gifts. When we do, we begin weaving them together in our own unique way…and we begin to offer them to the world in a way that only we can.

Empowered OpeningsWhat in your life is needing your love and sincere curiosity today? What is the journey you need to take so you can open to and live your most empowered expression?

If we are to live truly empowered lives, then being willing to take that journey is essential….and when we commit to taking this step we will naturally find our guide for the journey.  We need a guide because they will help us bring awareness to things that are difficult to see, the things we my overlook or dismiss.  They have traveled the territory, in their own way,  we need to navigate to live our empowered life.  They have a wisdom that will connect with our soul and open us to our own inner voice.  They know how to guide us back to ourselves.

We are not meant to take this journey alone.  We are meant to receive support…and with support we get to where we are going so much faster.  But receiving support requires courage.  It requires a willingness to surrender, and it requires a willingness to expand.

Are you ready to expand?  To live your empowered life?  One step you can take today is to make your commitment to yourself, and then make your call to spirit for your perfect guide.  I promise you…your guide is out there, but you need to ask for her to come into your life.

It is my vision that each participant of the JourneyJewels Guide Certification program finish the program empowered to step into and live their unique sacred path and guide others in their transformation in their own unique way.

I would love to invite you in taking this journey with me.  As a participant you will learn how to work with the crystals and stones, ceremony, sacred space, sacred creation and shamanic journeying as a tool for your powerful transformation…and as you journey through your transformation you will learn how to guide others through theirs…to help them step into and live their sacred path.  

Learn more about the JourneyJewels Guide Program here:  http://www.journeyjewelsguide.com