I was out for a sunset hike earlier this week and with each turn, the trees seemed to bend perfectly, creating entrances or portals into what felt like other dimensions. It was enchanting and I felt like the veil between worlds had been lifted and spirit messages were flowing clearly and freely.

I love experiences such as this; stepping out of the overwhelm of my day and into pure connection with the Divine.

Each of us has a unique pathway for accessing Divine wisdom.

There are many ways to tap in and open that portal of connection with the Divine. Hiking is, for me, one way. I also have similar experiences when chopping vegetables, doing the dishes, dancing, listening to music, playing my flute, drawing, creating with stones, and so many other ways.

Discovering our unique pathway for connecting with the Divine can often feel like following the clues on a treasure map. The direct path is unclear, yet reveals itself as we follow the clues. This invites us to be creative, to trust what feels natural, to welcome the wisdom that shows up, and to celebrate the guidance we receive. And ultimately as we follow our guidance, it does all come together in beautiful and unexpected ways.

In this weeks podcast I dive into the topic of connecting with Divine wisdom, insight, and guidance. Listen here:

Companion audios (guided meditation and crystal message) are available here: https://loriaandrus.com/podcast

I wish you a beautiful and inspired week!

Shine Brightly!

Deeply Rooted - Spring Priestess - Lori A Andrus

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True empowerment is about being lovingly true to ourselves while also honoring others. It is about honoring our dreams and knowing that we are worthy of fulfilling them. It is about trusting in ourselves to walk our sacred path. It is about believing in our destiny. When we step into our power we empower others. When we step into our power, everyone wins!

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