Happy New Year!

We’re 5 days into 2014 and I can already feel the powerful momentum of this year carrying me…can you feel that too?

2014 began with a New Moon, Super Moon.  A day of new beginnings that not only feels, but actually is, larger than life.

2014 is a year of ‘Dreaming our world into being’ and ‘expecting the unexpected.’

Yes…anything is possible this year.  And that is really exciting!

The powerful momentum of this year is calling us to take action in our lives in a very different way.  It is inviting us to bring sacred practices into our daily lives and begin working with them to impact change and transformation in our personal lives, in our careers and businesses, in our physical and emotional well-being, and to connect with the Divine.

AltarsSacred practice, ceremony, ritual, and the creation of sacred objects are a part of my daily life…and they have been for years.  They are the tools I use to bring balance to my life, activate and energize my vision both personally and in my business.  They are the tools I use for healing and transformation.  They are the tools I use to celebrate milestones and turning points in my life.  They are how I source clarity and how I have come to trust my inner voice…they are how I have come to witness the Divine in all areas of my life.

In order for us to really connect in with the dynamic energy of this year, we need to deepen our relationship with the sacred and develop practices that really deepen our spiritual self.  We need to create a new relationship with the Divine.  This type of relationship only manifests by bringing sacred practices into our daily lives.    

This looks very different for each of us…and I’m sensing that you’ve already been receiving a glimpse of what this will mean for you.  This could be creating a meditation practice, working with altars, spending time in nature, changing your environment, creating sacred ceremonies or rituals to honor transitions, changes or events, working with sacred tools such as oracle cards, crystals & stones, objects from nature, drums, rattles, singing bowls, etc.

The practices that speak to your spirit are essential for you.  They are the ones that will help you de-code your souls language.  They are the ones you need to bring into your daily life.

Right now, each of us are being called to trust our inner voice and our spiritual guidances at levels much deeper than ever before.  We are being called to dream our world into being by surrendering and stepping back from the over doing that so many of us have been doing.  It is time to allow, clarify, and take inspired action.

Spirit is inviting us to create a relationship of self trust and knowing that is greater than any other source of wisdom.  This may feel challenging, especially if you are a person who consults with others or relies on logic and reason when making decisions.  And in many ways this is a new way of being.  It’s untested, unproven, and it will feel scary.  But this is what 2014 is inviting us to do…dream our world into being by creating a new relationship with the Divine.

So invite you to begin adding one sacred practice in your daily life today…maybe it’s sitting in reflection after reading an oracle card.  Maybe it’s sitting in stillness with a crystal as your offer your gratitude for the day.  Or maybe it’s lighting a candle and burning some sage while you play online.

Begin today…your life will never be the same…I promise!

If you are ready to dive deeper with sacred practices, I would love to invite you to join me this February 10 – 14 and immerse yourself in sacred practices and the world of crystals and stones.  At the Crystal Immersion Retreat, you will experience the transformational and healing power of sacred practice.  You will discover how you can integrate them into your everyday life and to truly bring your 2014 intentions to life.  learn more:  www.crystalimmersion.comSanctuary

with sacred visions,
Lori A Andrus signature