Sacred Creations

Headpieces.  Shaman Staffs.  Necklaces.  Earrings. Belts.  Talking Sticks.  Feather Wands. Rattles. Drums.  Bracelets.

There are so many different kinds of sacred tools and sacred objects…and each of the objects listed above have been a part of my personal transformational and healing journeys.

Long ago (ok…only about 10 years ago) I discovered how a simple piece of jewelry, when created with pure intention and natural gemstones can impact significant change.

As we near the Crystal Immersion Retreat, I am getting more and more excited about being a guide for this sacred process…everyone on the retreat will be creating their own sacred, transformational object.

This week I created a video to share with you one of my first experiences creating a sacred object…a rose quartz necklace that brought deep healing to my life on many levels…both physically and emotionally.

Have you had an experience with a sacred object that knocked your socks off…that literally transformed your life?  Please share it in the comments below.

Sending you rose quartz love!
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