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Crystal Shaman Life Podcast

I’m so excited to introduce you to my new podcast . . . Crystal Shaman Life​.

The Crystal Shaman Life Podcast is a place for you to press pause on the busyness of your day to day life and reconnect 

with your authentic self, to discover your voice of inner wisdom and to become the courageous creator of your adventurous, vibrant, and spirit-filled life!

In each episode Lori will get raw and real exploring how to bring crystal medicine, ancient spiritual practices, ceremony, ritual, and soulful travel into your everyday life.

Begin listening with the very first episode: 

The Crystals are Calling. Tune in and discover the ways the crystals are making their voice heard, why they are showing up in abundance right now, and how you can respond to their call.

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Crystal Shaman Life Podcast ep.001 – The Crystals Are Calling

Crystal Shaman Life Podcast ep 001 - the crystals are calling


Do you hear them?

The crystals . . .
They are calling.

You may recognize their call as you stumble upon a gorgeous quartz point in an unexpected place or as a friend gifts you with a stunning lapis pendant for your birthday.

You may hear the call of the crystals as the little nudge from your soul, inviting you to pause and pick up a stone on the beach or to make a quick stop at a shop you’ve never been in before only to find the big piece of rose quartz you’ve been searching for.

The crystals have a lot to share with humanity right now. They are a key part in the evolution of consciousness and they are eager to support us as we expand further into our wholeness.

Tune into this week’s episode as Lori talks about the call of the crystals, how you may recognize it, why they are calling us and  how you can begin to respond to the call of the crystals in your life.

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