I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

Chris and I had a pretty social weekend. We spent time with friends and checked out the local rv and camping show.

It’s been quite a bit since I’ve been to such a big event. We’ve laid low and been very selective about being among large groups or crowds. This weekend, it felt good to be out a bit. We went early, moved through the show quickly, and came across a couple new items we are eager to put to use this summer.

Being out, at the camping show also did something else, it awakened new ideas and inspired fresh possibilities for our land.

It got us dreaming, together.

Breaking out of routine. Doing something different. Exploring our passions and interests . . . this is how we push pause on the busyness of our day to day lives and reconnect with our most authentic self.

This is one of the ways we cultivate the courage to live in alignment with our own unique expression.

This looks and feels different for each of us.

As I tuned into the message for this week I heard the phrase “it is time for you to do you” echo in my thoughts. Back in December one of my mentors shared this on a group call. It landed. Deeply.

At the time I could feel it light me up with a sense of curiosity about how I could more wholly share myself with life. You doing you happens in the small ways. It’s giving yourself space to dream, imagine, and take inspired action. It’s opening your heart to possibilities you once ignored. It’s breaking free of the ways you’ve been put in (or put yourself into) a box of expectation.

This is the invitation of these changing times.

In this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast I dive deeper into this conversation. Listen here: 

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