Ahh, that sweet moment when inspiration strikes, ideas flow in, and the heart expands to meet them. This is the spark of inspiration. It can be simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying as our minds wander through different pathways and scenarios.

Dreaming and imagining all of the ways this spark of inspiration may shift our reality is how we begin to plant the seed that is before us. As we give ourselves permission to dream, we may imagine all the ways this tiny seed with challenge us to grow, deepen our wisdom, expand our gifts, develop new relationships, and so much more. Allowing our minds to drift and dance within this dreamscape is an important part of the creative process, especially during the winter season. The dreamy energy of this season supports us in allowing our thoughts to linger in the realm of possibility. However, we never truly know where our inspiration will lead us until we say “yes”.

This sacred yes opens a pathway that, fueled by the spark of inspiration, activates a whole new adventure.

Join me for this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast where I sink into conversation about the ‘spark of inspiration’ . . . from how do we tap into the energy of inspiration to how to anchor inspired ideas without feeling overwhelmed or looped into chaotic energy.

Listen in:

Oracle update . . .

Last week I ordered a proof of The Stones Speak Oracle (both the deck and the guidebook). Oh my goodness . . . pressing the “order now” button felt surreal. I am eager to get this proof in my hands and finally feel it. Stay tuned because I’m pretty sure I’ll be eager to share pictures.

If you haven’t gotten yourself on the waitlist, you can do that here: https://sacredspace.loriaandrus.com/crystal-oracle/

Wishing you a dreamy week sparked by inspiration.

much love, Lori

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