I am in the midst of one of the deepest, most soulful spring cleanings I have ever done. Not only am I digging through the closets, washing the floors, rearranging furniture, and smudging every room . . . I am clearing away extra mental, emotional, and energetic clutter.

The spring season naturally invites us into a process of clearing away and letting go of extra stuff . . . whether it is clutter in our closets, debris in our gardens, or a yucky story that surfaced over the winter. As we let it go, we create space for what we most want to grow in our lives.

Spring cleaning is a ritual that many can relate to. It can be as simple practice or a deep soulful rejuvenation. As we bring greater levels of awareness to the process, we begin creating a sanctuary where it becomes inevitable for our dreams to grow.

As you dive into your spring cleaning ritual, I invite you to look for ways to bring more presence to it, to weave in the power of your visions and intentions . . . maybe through song, movement, arrangement, or really pushing yourself to let go of something that has just been lingering in your heart space. Enjoy the process!

One of the ways I deepened my ritual today was by playing my flute. It felt so soothing. Below is a brief video I recorded to share with you . . . Enjoy!

Wishing you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly!

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