Hello my sacred friend,

Over the past two weeks I’ve been sinking into some beautiful conversations within the Crystal Shaman Life FB Group about what it means to walk a shamanic path . . . from daily sacred practices to the profound and unexpected ways it creates transformation, healing, and change. (Did you miss this 4-part series about Shamanic Living? The replay is available here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystalshaman​)

All of this conversation has brought me into a place of deep reflection. 

Saying yes to the shamanic path has changed my life in so many ways. And, over this past year, while teaching the Crystal Shaman Initiation Program, I have witnessed the beautiful and profound ways it changed the lives of each participant. 

From practical everyday life changes to deepening into a new level of relationship with the earth, with spirit, with the crystals and stones, with loved ones, and with all of life. 

Holding space for this journey is a deep honor. 

As I prepare to welcome a new group of initiates for this journey, I feel the rhythm of the earth calling them together, awakening within a knowing that now is the time to rise into their soul wisdom and allow it to shine brightly in the world. 

Recently Chris and I took some time in nature, sinking into ceremony. Actually I sank into ceremony while he did a bit of filming. 😉 

The result . . . a little video series. 

Today, I would like to share with you the first video: The Rhythm of the Earth is Calling. 

Crystal Divider Line in Green

Step into Circle with me.

Fall Enrollment for the



{And I would LOVE for you to join us}

Program begins Wednesday, November 6th.

Learn more + Enroll Here: https://crystalshamanschool.com/initiation

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine brightly,