“The mountains are calling, and I MUST go.”
– John Muir

I first heard this quote about fifteen years ago when eagerly telling a friend about an upcoming trip to Colorado. ‘Ahh’ he replied ‘the mountains are calling’.

And that they were. Over the years, traveling to many sacred sites, I have come to know that when they call, something big is on the horizon (both personally and collectively).

Last week their call came through loud and clear . . . so loud that I was able to put aside my resistence and say a whole-hearted ‘YES!’ Within 24hrs I booked v0000077a flight (just one week ago today), scheduled hotels, and will be leaving for the Sacred Valley of Peru on Saturday. I am so excited!

There is definitely something very big stirring in our world right now. We are all familiar with the big news things such as the events at Standing Rock and next week’s election. And what these events represent is far beyond the intense emotions that we see, feel, and hear . . . These events are shaping our world. They are shaping our reality. And even more importantly, we have an opportunity to affect their outcome by shifting the story, energy, and vision we hold.

Yes . . . the vision you hold affects not only your life, but also the world . . . and even more importantly, you have the power to elevate your vision to one that is wildly empowering!

Now is a time for each of us step out of old stories and heavy emotions, to release our fears and resistance and to elevate our vision, by witnessing, with love, what is possible for our planet. When we do this, we rise in consciousness and activate an evolution in consciousness for others.

I believe the Sacred Valley of Peru holds the sacred medicine needed in our world right now.

It has been six years since my last visit to Peru and I am so excited to return to these sacred lands. As I tune in and plan this trip I see it filled with ceremonies and activations at ancient sacred sites . . . and while I would absolutely LOVE to bring each of you with me, to sit in ceremony with you at these sacred sites, I know that such a spontaneous trip does not really allow for that. So, I would like to invite you to be a part of this journey virtually. Here are a couple ways you can join me . . .

Shine brightly, my sacred friend!
much love,

p.s. There are only 10 SHAMANIC HEALING + ACTIVATION SESSIONS available during my time in Peru. Sign up for your session now!