There are so many amazing sacred tools, and each one offers a unique way to connect with and deepen our connection to our core self.

Over that past 10 years I have explored many different sacred tools and there are a few that I return to over and over…they’ve become a part of my everyday practice.  Oracle cards are one of those tools (I think I probably have about 30 different decks – 4 of which are traveling with me).

Oracle cards are an amazing tool for gaining insight, wisdom and inspiration, but a new deck can be a bit intimidating…especially if you’re new to working with cards.  In this weeks video I reveal their magic and share some suggestions to support you in working with oracle cards whether they are new to you or something you’ve been working with for years…watch now:

Wishing you a joy-filled week!
with amethyst sparkles,


p.s.  I’d love to hear how you work with your oracle cards…please share your tips, tricks, and oracle card stories in the comments section of my blog.

Stone of the Week…Amethyst