Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been referencing the ‘Language of your Soul’ and the ‘Language of the Stones.’

In this weeks free teleclass we will be taking a guided shamanic journey into a crystal cave where you will be guided to activate your unique soul language.

The soul speaks to us in symbols, song, poetry, metaphor, color, sound, shape, image and emotion.  When we activate a connection with our unique soul langauge we begin to connect with the purest parts of ourself.  This connection creates a powerful and transformational ripple through every area of our life.  It awakens us to our highest vision and highest potential.  It attunes us to spirit messages in such a way that we gain new levels of confidence in our life steps.

Join me this Thursday for Part 1 of my free 2 part tele-class Journey into your Crystal Cave‘ and Activate the Language of Your Soul!  Sign up here:  https://loriaandrus.com/crystalcave/

with soul wisdom,

p.s.  not able to make it on the live call but really want to hear these calls…sign up anyway…each call will be recorded and the recordings will be available to everyone registered…it is sure to rock your world!

Soul Language