Today I would like to share with you a new crystal program that I am offering this spring . . . the Crystal Talisman.

This 4-week journey will guide you to unleash your creative self, to trust your inner voice of wisdom and knowing, to listen to the voice of the crystals, and to get creative with the crystals and stones to create your sacred talisman.

Throughout history and culture crystals and stones have been used to create adornments, amulets, and other sacred objects. These crystal creations were talisman that both empowered and adorned political and spiritual leaders. It was believed that the energy of the creation and the jewels within that creation were allies for the wearer.

As a little girl, I loved looking at books and hearing stories about ancient Egypt, mostly because I found myself mesmerized by their adornments. Even in pictures, something about them felt truly magical. I wondered if I would ever feel such magic in my jewelry.

Now, many years and crystal creations later, I have a better understanding of the magic I felt from those pictures . . . it was the energy that flowed from a talisman that was consciously created to support someone is crossing a threshold in life, to support them in bringing their most heart-felt dreams into reality.

When we step into ceremony and align with consciously selected crystals and a mindfully created talisman at a pivotal point in our life we are being energetically supported to powerfully step across our next threshold and rise into our becoming.

I would LOVE for you to join me on this journey. This 4-week program begins Monday, May 15th. Learn more here:

with crystal love,

p.s. Magic happens as we step into the sacred space of the crystals and stones. Doorways of possibility open. Change happens. Register here: