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You agree that the Journey Jewels™ Certification Program contains proprietary information and material that is owned by Lori A Andrus – Journey Jewels llc. It is protected by the copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. With your purchase of the Journey Jewels™ Certification Program, you are granted permission (which is limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable) to listen to, download or stream such content to your computer and/or other device(s) solely for your personal, individual, non-commercial use. You agree to not copy, reproduce, distribute or use the content other than as set out in this contract. You must not sell, transfer, lease, modify, distribute or publicly perform the content in any manner and you must not exploit it commercially. You agree to not tamper with the content or create any derivative works therefrom. Duplication, sharing, or uploading product files to sharing sites is considered stealing and Journey Jewels llc will prosecute such misconduct to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Satisfactory completion of all certification requirements including having paid for the course in full is necessary to be certified as a Journey Jewels™ Guide. You will have one year from the program end date (September 31st, 2018) to complete the program and receive your certification (September 31st, 2019). Should you decide to come back and complete the certification at another time, you will not receive credit for classes previously taken. You must also agree to uphold a high level of integrity in your practice and follow our Code of Ethics, committing to the ethical and professional use of the Journey Jewels™ practices.


Upon your certification you will be asked to sign a licensing agreement. Your registration in the Journey Jewels™ Certification Program includes a complimentary 1 year licensing agreement, beginning the date of your approved certification and ending 1 year (365 days) later. At that time you are required to renew your license with Lori A Andrus – Journey Jewels™ llc. 

Lori A Andrus – Journey Jewels™ llc takes their Code of Ethics very seriously. If you are found in violation of this code you will be notified directly and your permission to use the Journey Jewels trademark will be revoked.


Please visit our Privacy Policy for details.

At Lori A Andrus – Journey Jewels™, we honor and respect your privacy and we expect the same from you. By participating in this program you are agreeing to respect the privacy of all participants as well as Lori A Andrus – Journey Jewels™. Please consider this a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Participation in Facebook Community

The Facebook community is a safe and sacred space. It is a space to share what is happening for you on your journey; your challenges, insights, and ask questions. It is a space to connect with others and offer your loving support.

Honoring this space as safe and sacred, it is expected. No solicitation within this space will be tolerated. If you fail to honor this agreement you will be removed from the Facebook community without notice.


You are responsible to pay for the Journey Jewels™ Certification Program in full and for providing us with a valid credit card or other method of payment. If you have selected a payment plan and you miss a payment, your account status will be changed to ”delinquent.” You will immediately lose access to future Classes and Bonuses and your access to all Journey Jewels™ content will be revoked 7 days after your payment declines.


We are really passionate about this work and we want you to absolutely love it as well.

That said, we understand that this program may just not be your best fit and we want to honor that as well. If you sign up for the Journey Jewels™ Certification Program, fully complete the first two classes, and realize (within the first 21 days – by March 23rd, 2018) that the Journey Jewels Program is not a fit, we are happy to offer you a full refund less a $90 processing fee. Email us at support@loriaandrus.com and let us know this is not for you. We must receive your email by 11:59pm est on March 23rd, 2018. Your email must also include your completed first and second class. We want to know that you truly gave this program a try.

All refunds are at the discretion of Lori A Andrus – Journey Jewels.

Absolutely no refunds will be given after 21 days.

Please do not enroll in the Journey Jewels Program if you are not fully committed to your transformational journey.

The Journey Jewels™ Certification Program begins on Friday, March 2nd, 2018. Absolutely no refunds will be issued prior to the start of the program.

By registering for the Journey Jewels Certification Program you are agreeing to the above terms of agreement.