I want to give a special hello and warm welcome to everyone who has recently joined us here, Thank YOU! It is wonderful to connect.

Over the past couple months, as I have been preparing to launch my upcoming oracle deck, The Stones Speak, I have been sharing bits of behind the scenes wisdom and experiences through my podcast.

Last week we dove into a bit of conversation about loving ourselves into our becoming and this week I expand on that conversation a bit more while also opening conversation about ‘talking with the stones’.

Talking with the stones is a central part of my sacred work – from channeling messages to gleaning insights, facilitating healing, and attuning to the earth. Oh my . . . they have so much to share and there are so many ways and so many fantastic reasons to talk with the stones. Their wisdom is immense and needed during this time of change.

In this episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space podcast I sink into deeper conversation about this.

Listen in Here:

wishing you a joyful weekend, Lori


Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.