I know…that subject line probably sounds a bit funny or like it’s a little play on well known phrase from the movie The Sixth Sense.  But I really do believe crystals and stones have a language all of their own and they have messages they really long to share…so learning their language…well…that’s how we can actually receive their messages. 

For years I’ve just taken for granted the ways I work with the stones.   People would ask me where the messages for my jewelry came from and I would just casually answer something like ‘oh that’s just what I thought of’ or ‘it just came to me.’  But the truth is…it came to me from the stones and my willingness to be present with their voice.

Crystal Cave emergenceSo I guess in the emerging from my own crystal cave and embracing my every facet, I’m emerging with a whole new way of sharing who I am and how I work with crystals and stones.  It’s exciting, a bit scary and incredibly liberating.  Yes…part of me worries about how you’ll respond, and I know this is a bit out there, but it’s time for me to get over that…so here’s me getting over that…Yes, I talk with stones.

Over the weekend, I spent some time at the annual Milwaukee Bead & Button Show.  A wonderfully huge gathering of crystals, stones, beads, supplies, suppliers, workshops and designers.  It’s a fantastic event I love attending every year.  Something I’ve noticed over the years is that there is always a new grouping of crystals and gemstones that feel particularly commanding in the marketplace….and they usually seem to reflect the collective energy of the time.  So this year, as I  perused the marketplace I listened closely to what this grouping had to say…what their message was as I moved from booth to booth…and here it is:

“Lovingly ground your highest dreams and visions.”

This is such a simple message, but it is the one that came from the crystals and stones at booth after booth.  The stones that seemed to have the loudest voices were greens, purples, blues and quartz points.

Hues of Green Crystals

From top to bottom: Chrysoprase, Green Phantom Quartz, Green Kyanite, Green Garnet

I love the simplicity of this message…and with my whole heart embrace it.  Now is the time for each of us to do this in our lives.  Now is the time to connect with our highest dreams and draw them into our hearts and then ground them into the earth.  If this message speaks to you…here are some crystal thoughts to support you…

Working with any green colored stone right now will activate your heart center…the center of love…and begin to create loving space for your highest vision.

Creating a welcoming, loving heart space is absolutely key right now.  It is from the heart that we make deep, intimate connections with others and all of creation.

You may be wondering why the green palette?…why not pink, as pink is also connected with the heart chakra?  I was curious about this too…but as I listened more closely I began to realize that the stones are inviting us to create a heart centered connection with Mother Earth and all of the life upon her, especially the plant kingdom.  They are guiding us to understand that our ability to “Lovingly ground our highest dreams and visions” requires both the ability to connect with our highest dreams and vision (our destiny) and a loving connection with nature.

Right now the stones active in the marketplace are inviting us to recognize and experience the spirit and life of nature…to begin feeling and experiencing its pulse within our own…to move in alignment with its rhythm…to begin anchoring our vision in our roots because like a tree, our roots grow deep beneath the earth’s surface and they spread out creating a solid foundation for our growth.  They are tapped into our purest source for potential…Mother Earth.

The other element they are emphasizing (which comes through in the blue green combinations such as Azurite Malachite or the Quartz and even Amethyst points) is that we need to connect with Spirit from a place of purity…that place of purity resides within our heart.  When we do, our connection is clear as are the messages and visions we receive about our own sacred path.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite

Azurite Malachite

Azurite Malachite

Green Phantom Quartz

Green Phantom Quartz 

If learning the language of the stones is something that interests you, I would Love for you to join me for my free upcoming teleclass:  Journey into your Crystal Cave.  Register Here:  https://loriaandrus.com/crystalcave/ 

Sending you lots of love & great joy in discovering your perfect green palette crystals & stones!

Shine Brightly,


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