Over the weekend I shared this picture when sharing tonight’s Talking with Stones Masterclass.
I hadn’t thought about this picture more than it being a beautiful capture of myself with a crystal at sunset.
But then people began commenting on how ‘powerful’ this picture is. In reading the comments, I paused to reflect on what was really unfolding that night on the beach.
Mmm . . . oh my . . .
That was a powerful evening.
As Chris and I watched the sun set, we discussed our next steps in life. We chatted about our dreams and hopes for our next adventures together.
As the sun went down, space opened up for the two of us to see within our own hearts and share with each other. Space was opened for us to see a new possibility.
Two days later we did ceremony together.
We offered loved and gratitude for all that we’ve experienced and we extended and invitation for the next chapter to open . . . clearly, cleanly, with grace and with ease.
Within a week we were back up in Upper MI looking at a piece of land. Less than a month later we closed and began a surprising and delightful next chapter . . . one that includes a sacred spot to be immersed in nature all summer.
I posted this picture because I thought it was a beautiful picture.
But I actually feel the crystals were trying to convey a deeper message of awareness and understanding.
The way this next chapter opened up was magical in every way and I am delighted to more clearly recognize the co-creative role the crystals played in its unfolding.
Ahhh . . . yes.
I am aware that I just said the crystals played a role in this.
I am also aware that many of you may find this silly or judge the idea that creation can unfold through the assist of a crystal. That’s totally cool. I remember a time when I too judged that.
But time and time again, they reveal to me otherwise.
Working with the crystals and stones is not about giving power to them. It is not about denying God, Spirit, or Divine.
It is about recognizing that in life God, Spirit, Divine shows up in all forms . . . the air, the trees, the flowers, the animals, the crystals, and so much more.
We get to decide whether or not we welcome and receive God in all forms or if we choose to see God in only one.
I choose all forms.
And I choose to recognize that this gorgeous smoky quartz helped me to get out of my own way and open my heart to a delightful and completely unexpected next chapter in life.
That, to me, is magical.
And this knowing of how to Talk with the Stones is what I am eager to sink into this evening during the June Masterclass.