Change is beautiful . . . it is exciting . . . it reflects our personal evolution.

Over the years I have taken many leaps, evolving who I am and how I express myself. What I have come to discover is that initially the excitement of the evolution takes hold and creates a momentum moving everything forward very quickly. Every movement feels clear and precise, but then, as I stand at the precipice ready to leap I feel a sense of tightness or contraction. I feel a desire to remain safe in my chrysalis of familiarity.

I feel this contraction today, as I write this message. Not because I lack clarity but because with this leap I am letting go of something that has played a significant role in my life for the past decade.

Ten years ago I began creating sacred and transformational jewelry. Five years ago, I renamed my company to Journey Jewels and began offering my jewelry online. During these past ten years, jewelry has been at the very center of my business and my life. We have grown together. It has been my sacred companion. On our journey together I have found my voice, embraced my creative talents and my uniqueness, discovered my ability to weave transformational energy through ceremony, traveled the country meeting amazing men and women, and so much more.

Today my leap, my sacred evolution lies within closing the online storefront for Journey Jewels jewelry. Don’t worry, I’m not going away or closing my business . . . it is just time for it to evolve. As a part of this evolution you can expect more emphasis on how to bring ceremony, rituals, and sacred practices into your every day life. I will be offering new programs and ways to work with me. This evolution is sooo exciting for me and it is my hope that in this evolution I will better serve you and your sacred journey!

Celebrate this leap with me! Beginning Thursday, April 2nd, I will be offering an Evolution Sale atJOURNEYJEWELS.COM (April 2nd – 4th). All jewelry will be 20% – 50% off.

I invite you to tune into what is evolving in your life and the leap your soul is ready to take…and if it feels right to take this opportunity to select a new piece of jewelry to support that leap!

I wish you a beautiful week!
Shine Brightly!

Evolution Sale 5