Part 1: The Foundations of Ceremony

This 5 week class is pre-requisite for the full Take it to Ceremony Series which begins on April 28th.


The Foundations of Ceremony Class begins on Friday, March 17th.

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Take it to Ceremony is a pathway for spiritual seekers, practical mystics, healers, visionaries, and creative souls ready to navigate the currents of change with the soulful art of ceremony.

This pathway begins with the 5-week Foundations of Ceremony class and continues with the yearlong Living the Art of Ceremony training.

The 5-week, Foundations of Ceremony class is highly experiential.

It will open your heart to your unique medicine as you explore the fundamentals of the ceremonial arts along with practical and meaningful ways to bring ceremony into your everyday life. You will activate new pathways of possibilities for your life.

Welcome beautiful soul!

Ceremony has been a central part of my life since May, 2007.

On each new moon and full moon I brought my prayers, hopes, challenges, and intentions to the fire. Initially I felt awkward, clumsy, and nervous that I wasn’t doing it right. But I kept showing up.

Since that time I have done hundreds of ceremonies. For myself. With family and loved ones. With clients and through programs that I offer. 

Bringing my personal hopes, dreams, fears, doubts, worries, challenges, and intention to ceremony has changed my life dramatically.

There is one particular ceremony I would love to share with you.

In the summer of 2020 Chris and I were camping along the shores of Lake Superior. During this short getaway we spoke with several people who shared their ‘next chapter’ story with us. Each time we found ourselves inspired. And, we couldn’t help but notice how each person used the phrase ‘next chapter’.

On our drive home we asked ourselves: What is our next chapter?

Immediately and idea of purchasing land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan came to mind. The idea was quickly followed by a series of questions beginning with: how will we afford it?

Our energy sank as we began to share an extensive list of reasons why this would not be possible.

Just as we were preparing to dismiss the idea all together, I heard: Take it to ceremony. 

When we got home, this is exactly what we did. On a quiet sunny afternoon Chris and I sat in our backyard offering gratitude, sharing dreams, and releasing fears. Then, we opened our hearts and invited spirit to support us as we open the door to our next chapter.

Within one week of our ceremony we found a piece of land that inspired us. We planned a visit. Made an offer. And within less than one month we closed on 10 gorgeous lakefront acres in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.

It was easy, joyful, and clean. 

That ceremony made a massive ripple in my life and the lives of loved ones.

Money showed up in the most unexpected way. 

Deep generational healing occurred.

Chris and I began our new chapter and found a level of fulfillment we didn’t realize we were seeking.

That ceremony created space for healing and changes that I previously dismissed as being impossible. 

Time and again I have seen ceremony create healing beyond words.

This is why I feel so strongly about sharing the art of ceremony.

Ceremony is the medicine the world needs right now.

I would love for you to join me for this 5 week Foundational Class.
Let’s Take it to Ceremony and step into a new world of possibilities.

with love, Lori

Confidently Navigate Life's Ups, Downs, Twists, and Turns.

Have you been looking for ways to navigate turbulent times by stepping out of chaos and into possibility?

Ceremony creates change at an energetic level. 

When you find yourself challenged by a conflict with a loved one, stuck in a place of mental rumination, or simply feel uncertain about your next right step, ceremony will help you to step out of the chaos and into a sense of being grounded, connected, and supported. 

Ceremony opens a gateway between the physical and energetic worlds. It supports you to release your resistance and invites the support of spirit. As spirit meets you in this sacred space; new ideas, possibilities, and solutions emerge. 

Feel Deeply Connected with Nature and All of Life.

(experience how the art of ceremony opens the gateway for connection)

Have you wanted to experience a deeper connection with the natural world?

Would you like to feel more at ease when spending time outdoors?

All of life inhales and exhales. It has a voice that speaks to your soul. It is ready to connect, to reveal itself to you, and open your heart even further to yourself.

Within you is great wisdom. Ceremony connects you with that wisdom. It invites you deeper within and gently reveals how to move with the rhythm of life.

As you work with the energy of life, you step into a co-creative partnership, one that reveals new ways to navigate experiences that previously cause you to pause, hesitate, or feel tripped up.

As you take to ceremony your hopes, fears, worries, doubts, celebrations, and challenges – answers emerge. The way forward opens. New possibilities arise.

It is time to touch the earth in soulful connection. Feel its heartbeat. Experience the wonder of sacred time and space.

Discover how to bring that magic into your everyday life.

Within You Resides a Deep Well of Wisdom.

Your ability to trust and honor your voice of wisdom is your most powerful ally in times of change and turbulence.

Do you ever wonder about how to access the full depth of your spiritual gifts and intuitive nature so that you feel confident sharing them with others?

Find out as you take time to nurture them. Develop them. And most importantly Trust them.

Your wisdom is a sacred gift, one that is meant to be shared.

It is also a valuable asset as the world collectively moves through this time of evolution.

You can access your inner wisdom by creating an intimate relationship with your soul.

Wisdomkeepers of the past and present take this relationship very seriously. They know that honoring their inner wisdom is the key to unlocking new possibilities for humanity. It is the key to bringing forth the vision, insight, and wisdom that the world desperately needs at this time.

Lori A Andrus with Peony
Lori A Andrus with Peony

The challenge is that many modern wisdomkeepers had life experiences that caused them to shut down or mistrust their own inner voice. They grew to depend upon and value the voice and guidance of others over their own. They shut down pathways of inner connection in favor of responding to the noise and influence of the outside world.

Right now, true wisdomkeepers are being reawakened and activated.

They are being called to heal on deep levels and reconnect with their inner wisdom, to remember their deep knowing, and to access the wisdom desperately needed at this time.

Ceremony is a powerful pathway for rebuilding trust in your voice of inner wisdom.

Create Change, Healing, & Transformation Through the Art of Ceremony


The Foundations of Ceremony is a 5-week online class that begins March 17th.

Ceremony is best learned through experience.

Each week we will take a closer look at each of the ceremonial components. We will break them down so that you feel comfortable and confident creating your own ceremony.

Throughout this class you will be encouraged to . . .

♦  nurture your unique intuitive and spiritual gifts.

♦  get outside to connect with and explore the natural world.

♦  experience your local landscape in fresh ways.

♦  discover the fundamentals for creating rich and soulful ceremonies that activate change.

♦  designate a ceremonial space where you can deepen your practice.

♦  develop comfort and familiarity in working with each of the elements and seasons (this deepens through the ongoing classes).

♦  discover how to create and work in safe and sacred space.

♦ write your own prayer to open ceremonial space.

♦  explore ways deepen your connection with the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

Lori A Andrus with Peony


Let’s talk about Ceremony. 

This journey begins as we pull back the veils and explore all of the details about ceremony. Sounds, kind of heady, right?! Don’t worry, this highly experiential class will illuminate the magic of ceremony, ritual, and sacred practice as we talk about what makes each one unique and why we are diving deep into how to create ceremony for personal healing, growth, and transformation.

As we lay a foundation for your ceremonial practice, you will also be invited to designate a space for ceremony so that along the way you begin to connect with an activate a space of deep and soulful connection.

The Compass of Creation

Sink into an organizing cosmology. Work with the compass rose. Align with the natural cycles of life including the four directions, elements, and seasons. We will unlock the core message and guiding energy within each direction of the compass. You will also explore ceremonial tools, materials, and other sacred objects to deepen your connection and anchor you in the ceremonial energy.

Working in Sacred Space. 

Sacred space is one of the central and defining elements of ceremonial practice. It is what ensures crystal clear connection with spirit. It opens the pathways of connection and supports you in focusing your energy and awareness. In many ways, the creation of sacred space is a ceremony itself. It is a potent, rich, and meaningful practice that brings everything to a new level. 

Ceremonial Rhythm and Flow. 

Your journey into the ceremonial arts continues as we explore the elements that are woven together to create an amazing ceremony. During this class we will further explore how to create safe and sacred space as you write your own prayer for opening ceremonial space. You will also discover ways to nurture your relationship with the earth, get to know your local landscape, and how to make meaningful spirit offerings and gifts.

Become a Bridge Between Worlds

It is time to bring together all of the pieces so you can create your own ceremony! During this class you will explore the energy of crystal clear and focused intentions so that you can fully show up, ready to create a rich ceremony that most accurately reflects what is in your heart and unfolding in your life.  Become a bridge between the worlds as you step into ceremony.


Lori A Andrus with Peony

♥  5 Weekly Video Classes (each class will be pre-recorded so that you can work at your pace. classes include a combination of video, audio, reflection rituals, and handouts).

♥  4 Weekly LIVE Zoom calls for Q+A, connection with others in this class, and inspiration.

♥  1 Live Opening Group Ceremony via Zoom.

♥  A Private Virtual Community Space (on the class website rather than a social media platform)

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*** PLEASE NOTE: Part 1 is a prerequisite for the full Take it to Ceremony trainings. It lays the foundation for the following classes where we will further explore working with each of the four elements and seasons. The full program begins on April 28th.


How long is the Foundations of Ceremony Class?

The Foundations of Ceremony, a five week class.

It begins Friday, March 17th with class 5 arriving on Friday, April 14th and the final Q+A Call happening on Tuesday, April 18th.

What is the Class Schedule?

Class 1 arrives Friday, March 17th (Yay!)

Here’s the basic outline:
Friday, March 17th
– Class 1 is available on the Class website.

Tuesday, March 21st.
– Opening Ceremony 6pm cst.

Friday, March 24th.
– Class 2 is available on the Class website.

Tuesday, March 28th.
– Q+A Call #1 at 6pm cst.

Friday, March 31st.
– Class 3 is available on the Class website.

Tuesday, April 4th.
– Q+A Call #2 at 6pm cst.

Friday, April 7th.
– Class 4 is available on the Class website.

Tuesday, April 11th.
– Q+A Call #3 at 6pm cst.

Friday, April 14th.
– Class 5 is available on the Class website.

Tuesday, April 18th.
– Q+A Call #4 at 6pm cst.

What if I am unable to join the live calls?

These calls are a rich opportunity to learn and grow through your experiences, the experiences of others, as well as to receive Lori’s insights along the way.

That said, life happens and it is not always easy to show up for a live call. Here are some details about what to expect . . .

  • All of the live Zoom calls will be recorded and added to the class website so that you can enjoy the replay.
  • If you have questions that you would like answered, email your questions before the call and Lori will be sure to answer them live.
  • Lori will not be replying to personal emails about the class. All questions are to be answered in the community forum or on the live calls.
How long will I have to complete this class?

While taking this class, we encourage you to stay on pace with us. This will make it easier to participate in the live calls and learn from the experiences of others along the way. That said, we understand that life happens and gets busy. You are welcome to work at your own pace and will continue to have access to the course website and materials for one year after the final class date: April 19, 2024.

Please note . . .

If you intend to participate in the Full Take it to Ceremony Training Series, completion of this class is required. That journey builds upon the foundation laid here.

What is the enrollment deadline?

This program begins on Thursday, March 3rd. Enrollment will close on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

How is the content delivered?

All class content is delivered on a private course website at

Each week, during the 5 weeks of class, you can expect:

– Weekly pre-recorded video classes (each class will include video, audio, reflection rituals, and handouts). You will receive an email notice each Tuesday with links for the class website as well as the zoom calls.

– Weekly LIVE Zoom calls for  either our opening ceremony or the following 4 Q+A calls. These are wonderful times for connection with others in this class.

– Participation in a Private Virtual Community Space (on the class website).

When will the next classes in this series be available?

The following classes within this series begin on April 28th, 2023.

Am I required to participate in the Full Series?


Though I would absolutely LOVE for you to join me. You may simply participate in Class 1 and decide how much deeper you will continue.

Each class in the series will further explore: the  compass of creation, thewheel of the year, the seasons, the elements, broaden ceremonial practices, expand intuitive gifts and talents, and much more.

If you have been wanting to study earth-based medicine with me, this is the place to begin.

Does this class offer a certification?


However, if you choose to continue through this series a certification option will be available. 

How much time will I need to devote to this course each week?

This depends a lot on your learning style. If you would like to stay on pace with the course content, you are encouraged to schedule a couple hours each week to sink into the class material. You can do this all in one day or spread it out by doing a bit each day.

The weekly Live calls are about 75 min. They are a Q+A format. We will sink into a connection practice to open and then open the call for shares, questions, and deeper exploration.

The pre-recorded class content is approximately 60-90 min each week.

Moving through each class takes a bit of time as they include meditations, ceremonies, reflections, and more. If you were to schedule 30 minutes daily, you would have more than enough time to move through this class with a sense of spaciousness. 

About Lori A Andrus . . . 

Lori is an artist, ceremonial guide, and wisdom teacher. With great joy and deep commitment, Lori artfully blends her background as an occupational therapist with nearly two decades of deep study in the areas of spirituality, earth-based healing, ceremony, and crystal wisdom.

Known for asking spot-on questions, she invites her clients to explore the most intimate facets of their soul. Her creative and inspiring online programs offer breakthrough lifestyle applications that support individuals in rising into their soul wisdom and shining brightly in the world.

Through the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast Lori shares practical ways to bring crystal wisdom and sacred practice into your everyday life.

She holds a bachelors of science degree in psychology and a master’s degree in occupational therapy. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body School, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a practitioner of crystal shamanism. She has traveled extensively throughout the Sacred Valley of Peru, studying with the high mountain medicine men and women.

Lori’s award-winning and wildly transformational jewelry designs have been featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, selected as Best of Show at the International New Age Trade Show, and are worn by women and men worldwide. 

Lori A Andrus - Crystal Shaman
Lori A Andrus with Peony

Learn the Art of Ceremony.

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