3 Steps to Setting an Empowering 2016 Intention

Happy new year, my sacred friend! In this first episode of the 2016 we are talking about the power of intention and how to set an intention for the year that will light you up, excite you, challenge you, and invite you to Rise! Tune in and start your year off with a...
Do you trust your vision?

Do you trust your vision?

I had a pretty amazing dream on Saturday night. I dreamt about Hot Air Balloons and in reflecting upon the dream I realized how they are a really great metaphor for our life vision. Our sense of vision for life is one of our most powerful allies. As we connect with a...
Manifestation Part 4:  Inspired Action

Manifestation Part 4: Inspired Action

The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn a beautiful gold and I am fully enjoying their change.  It is beautiful here right now (in Northeast Wisconsin)…my favorite time of year. Over the past couple weeks I have been sharing a 4 part video series on...

Imagine what’s Possible

This past week I had an opportunity to interview my dear soul sister Lucille Dancing Wind of Sacred Earth Connection.  It was such an honor and an incredible joy to connect and explore what’s possible in 2014.  Enjoy!