Happy Summer Solstice . . . and Happy Full Moon!

Today is a pretty magical day. The moon is full and illuminating the night sky and the sun is celebrating its brilliance by filling our day with an abundance of sunlight. From what I’ve read, this rare event of a full moon on the summer solstice has not happened since 1967 and will not happen again until 2062 (keep in mind this can vary based on where you live in the world). As I connect with the energy of this unique day my heart is telling me that the unfolding of something truly amazing is inevitable for each of us.

So let’s talk about this dynamic energy and how we can tap into it . . . 

As the sky is lit up today with the fullness of both the divine masculine (the sun) and the divine feminine (the moon), so are our lives. This brightness is illuminating the places in our lives where we are hiding our most authentic self; the places where we shy away from standing in our power and expressing our truth; and the places where we cling to the safety and familiarity of cultural masks and wounds.

Such brightness can be uncomfortable. It can shake us up revealing things about ourselves we may not want to see, but if we allow the energetic marriage of the sun and moon to open our hearts even further than we ever imagined possible, we will come to not only know but also stand in the most radiant, powerful, and authentic expression of ourselves.

Mid-night fire ceremony - Lori A AndrusThis is a day to pay very close attention to what your inner voice has to say about who you are and the sacred path you are here to walk. It is a day when your own personal truth radar will be on high alert, revealing, with crystal clarity, the masks you wear and the stories of untruth you tell yourself. When your truth radar goes off, don’t let yourself become more entangled in the old story, instead, take this opportunity to open your heart to your own radiance and celebrate it by allowing it to be both seen and expressed in your life.

So on this full moon summer solstice day I invite you to welcome this summer rhythm by dropping into your heart and giving permission to the part of yourself ready to be fully seen and expressed to rise and shine brightly with the solstice sun and the full moon.

Wishing you a beautiful day!
Shine Brightly,

p.s. explore this dynamic energy even deeper with this weeks episode of the Priestess Pathway Podcast where I have also created a guided meditation for you. Listen here:

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