Happy Summer Solstice!

Chris and I are off on our road trip and tomorrow we will be celebrating this day of sunlight with a hike in the Grand Tetons.

The summer solstice is a great time to pause and reflect on our intentions and vision for the year. It’s the midpoint of the calendar year and it is also a time when the summer sun shines its bright light on where and how we are spending our time and it invites us to ask if that matches our deeper desires.

Being on the road right now, I’m finding a lot of time to ponder and re-focus. I like this reflective aspect of road-trips. It’s refreshing.

At the beginning of 2017, the word I chose for the year was ‘rise’. It came with a desire to root even deeper into who I am and rise in my wholeness.

And while I felt this word holds personal significance, I also felt it was a word for the collective . . . a word that reflects a new level of feminine emergence, a calling for us to rise above our fears and everyday struggles and to reach out for and live our desires.

A shift in consciousness is definitely happening! You may recognize it as you say yes to your own desires to live more, laugh more, play more and express more.

Yes, this is the rise of feminine energy!

Saturday, June 24th is World Femininity Day.

To celebrate this day, my friend Jonita D’souza, a feminine lifestylist and the creatress of Exploring Femininity has put together a sacred initiation to further our rise in our innate feminine essence.

Join us for the Rising Feminine Online Temple,
and take a 7-day journey back into your true feminine essence!

This free 7-day online gathering has been created to support you in rising into your true authentic self.

I am one of 20 teachers, guides, and priestesses who have come together to gift you a sacred experience and be a catalyst in your unfolding of your true essence.

I look forward to seeing you on there!

Wishing you a happy day!

Shine BrightlyLori

p.s. This is a free event and the registration will close on the 23rd of June. Register here: http://risingfeminineonlinetemple.com/

Journey with us . . .

Chris and I are spending 5 weeks on the road this summer. We are living in our t@b outback camper and road-tripping from our home in Green Bay, WI to many sacred sites as we venture west.

We would love for you to journey with us . . .

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