Happy Summer Solstice! 

I really enjoy this season of sun . . . warm weather, extra sunlight, and lots and lots of time outside. Yep, this is one of my favorite times of the year for embarking on a little soulful travel travel . . . and speaking of which, this summer’s journey is taking me around the northern shores of Lake Superior to Thunder Bay where Chris and I will be doing a little Amethyst mining. I’m so excited, but more on this in the coming weeks . . . for today . . . 

I want to take a moment celebrate this day of light by sharing a couple of crystals who came forward to create a grid for the collective on this day. These crystals were pretty chatty. They had a lot to say and some insights around how we may be experiencing this season. They dove into the collective relationship with power, the masculine, emotions, and freedom, sharing a lot of love and insight from the depths of Mother Earth.   Summer Solstice Crystal Grid

Discover what the crystals had to say by tuning into this week’s episode here: 

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly,


P.S. Summer adventures have inspired a new series of podcast episodes about soulful travel . . . stay tuned as I will be sharing them over the next couple weeks.