Fall Gemstones(Stones pictured above:  Clear – Quartz, Purple – Amethyst, Black – Snowflake Obsidian, Orange – Carnelian, Green – Amazonite, Light Purple – Blue Lace Agate)

The fall season is a time for inner reflection and tuning into the beliefs, stories, patterns, practices, relationships, belongings, etc that no longer match our highest vision.  As we do this we find ourselves stepping into a natural process of surrendering and letting go.  Because the veils between the worlds are particularly thin during the fall season, it is also a great time to connect with Spirit asking for support and guidance in all areas of your life.  As you do, your most important fall action is to receive those pieces of wisdom, insight and support and plant your seeds of vision for the upcoming year.  This may seem much like setting your intentions at the new year…and yes planting your seeds of intention now is very similar…but what is different now is that the earth is warm and moist for planting, so everything that we plant now is held, nurtured and given the sacred space to develop through the winter season.

As we begin to energetically shift into the fall season, we need to also adjust what is in our environment to support that change.  Working with the energy of crystals and stones is a fantastic way to do that. Below is a list of several stones that will support you in this process.

Amazonite wants you to know your truth, to own it, and to express it with clarity and love.  This gentle, soothing stone knows that your truth can only be discovered by exploring your core essence and allowing its unique expression to come to life.  As Amazonite creates a sense of calm and trust within you begin to feel a new experience of love toward your every facet…you begin to marvel at the unique ways in which your essence wants to be expressed…and sharing Your Truth becomes as natural as breathing.

Amethyst awakens within a knowing of your Divinity.  It knows that our Divinity is not to be feared, but rather celebrated with honor and reverence.  It teaches us to connect with our Divinity by connecting you first with Mother Earth, instilling a sense of safety and confidence and then opening the channels to the Divine.

Blue Lace Agate is a stone of pure expression.  It soothes your spirit calming any fears of rejection by taking you deep within to connect with the nurturing and loving voice of your soul.  In doing so you recognize your purity and how to source from this place in all communication.

Carnelian affirms that now is the time to ignite your inner fire, to illuminate all facets of your creative self.  Carnelian creates rapid transformation by lighting an internal fire that prompts you to release, into the flames, all experiences, beliefs, and stories from your past…the ones that interfere with you stepping into your highest self.  As you let go connect with new inspiration and plant the seeds of inspiration in the ashes, the fertile soil for your dreams to thrive.

Quartz creates a clear line of connection with the Divine.  Each crystal is like a seed of inspiration bringing new levels of clarity to your life, empowering your to embrace your next highest potential.  They lovingly guide you in clarifying the essence your expression and creating the space to take your next right steps.

Snowflake Obsidian supports you in letting go of deeply ingrained patterns and ways of being by helping you to not only recognize but receive the infinite support surrounding you at every moment. It will guided you to slow down, connect with Mother Earth and get grounded.