Years ago, early in my study of shamanism, I received a session from shaman who is masterful at shamanic journeying. During the session, he took a journey on my behalf. When he returned, he looked at me with a big bright smile and said “the stone people stood up and started dancing for you!”

His next sentence was ‘Do you work with them?’

At the time I was creating A LOT of jewelry. I felt like I really knew the crystals and stones well. And in many ways I felt like they were talking to me and guiding my work.

But, it never occurred to me that I could actually journey and connect with the stone people.

That session opened the door to a whole new way of relating to the crystals and stones.

I began taking shamanic journeys with my crystals and stones. Connecting. Receiving their wisdom and insight. Deepening our relationship. And eventually supporting others to connect with the crystals in this way too.

It’s amazing to me how such a simple statement “the stone people are dancing” dramatically changed my life and my sacred work. 

Earlier this year, as I fully committed to co-creating and offering Crystal Shaman School, I felt the stone people rise and dance. Together we have been creating a magical space to share the practices and wisdom they have been sharing over the years. Today, I extend an invitation to you to step into the next level of your relationship with the crystals and stones. 

In this week’s episode of Crystal Shaman Life Podcast, I dive into how you can connect with your crystals through shamanic journeying. 

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