Lori A Andrus on a spring hike in Green Bay, WiWow…it actually feels like spring here in Green Bay this morning!  Yesterday, when I went out for a hike, the trail was covered in snow and more snow was falling (yes, I actually took the pictures to the left yesterday…can you believe it?)  Today it is nearly all melted (about 4″), the sun is shining, birds singing, and the grass is even getting green.

Yes, this feels like a day for ‘Springing into Action!’

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been referencing many changes happening here in the Journey Jewels studio and behind the scenes at LoriAAndrus.com.  And as I am springing to action with my next steps, I would like to give you a little update.

This is just soooo exciting for me!  It’s a vision I’ve held for so long and it is finally emerging!

First…the two sites will be merging into one sacred space that will be home for Journey Jewels jewelry and so many exciting opportunities (in the form of digital products and group programs) for you to step into your sacred path.

In order for this transition to go smoothly I will be temporarily closing both JourneyJewels.com and LoriAAndrus.com on Monday, April 22 with their re-open, as one site, on Sunday, May 12th.

With this transition I am also making changes to the jewelry collections…and each of the items in the Treasure Box will be discontinued.  So if there is something you’ve had your eye on or something that has been speaking to your heart…now is the time to snatch it up.  Each of the Treasure Box items will be on sale until midnight on Sunday, April 21st.  Shop here

So if you’re planning ahead for Mother’s Day…this is a great time to shop for something special for the mothers in your life.

I wish you a wonderful Spring week!
with much love,

Journey Jewels Treasure Box Sale