Hello beautiful soul,

It’s been a bit. The past couple of weeks have been busy. I made a bunch of tech updates, home repairs, enjoyed family time and BIG celebrations (my grandma turned 100 . . . how cool is that?!), and received guidance that now is time to open enrollment for the yearlong Living the Art of Ceremony Program.

Whoa . . . that last one really surprised me. It was already on the calendar for fall, but spirit began dropping some not so subtle hints to shift it to spring. Initially I resisted. I love to open programs in the fall. But as I listened closely, spring felt alive in ways I could not see before. Every creation has its own timing. In the coming weeks I will share more about this program and this opportunity to work with ceremony as an ally for healing, transformation, and creation.

For today, let’s sink into a conversation a topic that showed up many times over the past several weeks . . . the gift of a spiritual pause.

It’s no secret, I love to talk about spirituality and sacred practice. It’s central in many conversations with friends, colleagues, and clients. I am always curious about what opens the gateway for deeper connection.

The thing piqued that my interest was that these conversations seemed to center around times when life pulls us away from our practice and how we judge that pause.

I get this. Life happens and we get distracted. This is natural.

Let’s talk about why this happens and the benefits of flowing with those times. Yes, there are MANY gifts in taking a spiritual pause.

So, let’s start this conversation by first dropping any stories of judgment or shame. It is healthy to give yourself permission to pause.

This is kind of a taboo topic. Our culture places such an elevated esteem upon showing up consistently that it overlooks how pushing through can, at times, be damaging. Yep, I said it. There are definitely times to push through and there are also times to pause. The art is discerning which is right from one moment to the next.

We all have a unique rhythm. Getting to know our own rhythm is part of what a spiritual practice is all about. When we fall away from our practice, it’s an opportunity to get curious.

A spiritual pause creates an opportunity to integrate, re-evaluate, deepen, and live into the energetic transformation initiated through our practice. When we take a pause, we return to our practice with fresh eyes and naturally evolve our practice to support us in new ways.

When your practice falls to the side, let yourself live. Enjoy your day to day life. These are the moments when we see how much we’ve grown.

Explore this conversation with me further in this week’s episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast. 

Listen in Here:

Wishing you a beautiful week!

with joy, Lori

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