In the glow of today’s full moon, crystal of the month, Spirit Quartz, came forward with some thoughts.

This playful, spirited crystal was a joy to connect with as I recorded a new episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast.

While Spirit Quartz maybe the ally for the month of January (and the month is nearly over), I feel like it’s message today is quite timely.

Listen in here:

Also . . . take a peek at the gorgeous altar below. 

Isn’t spirit quartz gorgeous?!! It has so much sparkle. And I could not resist adding one of my new crystal cards to the altar. 

There have been A LOT of questions about what to expect with this and when/if they will be available. Thank you so much for asking about that! . . . and here’s what I know as of now . . . 

Throughout this month, I’ve been getting acquainted with the demo deck as I sink deeper into writing the guidebook (it’s coming along beautifully!). This deck will be available in 2021. I do not have a defined timeline yet, but if you want to be notified when that happens, I’d love for you to join my waitlist. 

You can sign up here: https://crystalshamanschool.com/crystal-oracle

with love + crystals,


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