Greetings from Canada!

Chris and I have been on the road for about 10 days enjoying the north shores of Lake Superior. The weather has been fantastic. Our camper is a happy little home. Ace is settling into the travel rhythm. And I’m finding myself in awe of this Great Lake.

Countless sacred moments.

Deep stillness. Lots of laughs.

And, reconnection . . . with self, with each other, with nature, with spirit, and with the land.

It is quite desolate here, driving along the north shore. Cell service has been scarce, and while we planned for that, it somehow surprised us.

So this afternoon, we are chilling in the camper in a Walmart parking lot, waiting out a storm, snagging a bit of wifi, and reconnecting. Ahh . . . It feels good and a bit strange.

When we step away from our normal day to day life, reconnection can feel that way . . . good and a bit strange.

Have you ever experienced that? Maybe after a retreat, vacation, or other event?

Reintegration is a big part of soulful travel and as I’m writing this I’m realizing that my 3 part series will now have a 4th part 😉

But for today, I want to touch in on Part 2 of my Soulful Travel series . . . Planning and Preparation. 

Yep, we’re diving into some of the less obvious nuts and bolts for your soulful travel. Of course every travel (near and far) requires attention to the obvious logistics like with who, when, where, and how. But as I look at preparation, I like to dig a bit deeper and look at things like my intention is for the journey, what kind of ceremony or ritual I may do, and I spend a bit of time tuning into the land before I even head out . . . it often has messages to share. And packing, think sacred stuff like a deck of oracle cards, crystals, incense, sage, a candle, and more.

In this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life podcast I share some of my behind the scenes thoughts and practices when preparing for my next soulful travel whether it be a nearly month long outing like I’m on right now or an afternoon at a local park.

Listen here: 

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Shine Brightly,


And . . . I thought I’d share a couple highlight photos from our journey so far.

Ace is pretty excited about this beach full of rocks.

A little peek inside our campsite.

Soooo much love at Lake Superior.

Chris + Ace hanging on the beach. I think this maybe our favorite beach spot.

A little more Ace + Chris time . . . and a little peek inside the camper. Yep, this is their favorite inside spot.

And a quick hello from me at one of the waterfalls along the way. This drive ranks in my top 5 for scenic drives . . . ok, it may in fact be number 1. Hwy 17 in Canada is stunning!