Greetings from the Northern shores of Lake Superior.

Chris and I are taking a little road trip around this great lake, one that we’ve been planning for a couple years.

This journey feels quite sacred to us as we feel a deep sense of connection to Lake Superior. Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time on the Southern shores exploring a landscape that is quite different from our local Lake Michigan.

Yes, Lake Superior is quite different from the other Great Lakes. Not only does she exceed the depth of the other lakes by over 400 ft, but she was also formed differently than the others. Somewhere between 20 million and 1 billion years ago North America began to split apart and magma flowed up through the earth in this region . . . then, the glaciers helped out by smoothing the surfaces and carving the lake. 

Now of course there are A LOT more details I could share about this, but you get the picture 😉 Lake Superior is a pretty cool place, with a unique geological history, and some pretty amazing vibes.

Okay . . . this is one of the places our adventurous spirits are taking us this summer.
How about you?
Do you have any adventures planned?
Have you been curious about how to attune to sacred sites in your local area?

Very often, I’m asked about my soulful travels . . . fun questions like: How do you find sacred places in your area? How do you decide where to go or when to go? What do you do when you get there? How do you know if someplace is sacred? And many many more. 

This spring, as I was finalizing details for our summer adventure, I decided to create a sort of ‘How to Series’ on the topic of Soulful Travel. This is a 3 part Series beginning today. In each episode, I dive into a different facet revealing some of my behind the scenes thoughts and perspectives on this fun topic. 

Dive into the first episode here:

Sending you love from the road,