Happy Full Moon!  Today is a powerfully expansive.  It’s a great day to open to the insights and wisdom ready to flow through you.

This morning, during my own reflection ritual, I found myself thinking about what has shifted in my life in the short 7 weeks since I began this daily ritual.

It has become a time for me to lovingly reflect on what’s happening in my life, my relationships, my business, within my body, my mind and my spirit.  For me, this time has created inner clarity, strengthened my inner trust and knowing, created focus, brought presence to my relationships, and so much more.

I really believe it is important for each of us to discover the sacred rituals and practices that further our transformation & create space to practice them daily.

This is how we nourish our spirit, allowing its innate wisdom and knowing to come forth.  This is how we expand into the fullness of who we are.

Each Crystal Medicine Journey is accompanied by a 2 part Reflection Ritual.  The first part is to draw out a clear intention for working with your medicine stones and the 2nd part is a daily reflection to deepen your connection with the stones, with your inner journey and expanding into your intention.

Learn more about each of the 4 Medicine Journey’s here:  http://www.journeyjewels.com/crystalsstones

Wishing you an expansive full moon!
much love,
Lori Signature