Happy February! It’s been a whirlwind of excitement and creativity here, and I’m thrilled to share the latest updates and inspirations with you.

1. Oracle Deck Update: A March 10th Date to Remember! I’m elated to announce that the proof of the Oracle Deck has finally arrived! Holding it in my hands, shuffling the cards, and diving into the book has been a delightful experience. While I’ve been fine-tuning a few details, the deck feels ready for its grand reveal. Mark your calendars for March 10th, as we prepare to embark on a transformative journey together.


The Stones Speak Oracle by Lori A Andrus

2. Sodalite – Crystal Ally of February: Unveiling Dreams and Nurturing Visionaries. As we step into February, we are embraced by the soothing and visionary energy of Sodalite, our crystal ally for the month. This dreamy stone encourages us to embrace our dreams, focus our energy on the next steps of our journey, and gracefully step into the realm of our becoming.

Sodalite has been a constant companion in creating The Stones Speak Oracle. It provides calm clarity, guiding me as I navigate new growth edges, develop new skills, and take inspired steps forward. Just like Sodalite, we are reminded to stay true to our vision, taking one gentle step at a time towards our aspirations.

3. New Podcast Episode: Delve into the Wisdom of Sodalite and the Journey of Becoming. Want to learn more about how Sodalite is showing up as an ally this month? I’ve just released a new podcast episode about Sodalite and the ongoing journey of our becoming. In this episode, we explore Sodalite’s wisdom and messages. You can expect insights on how to harness its energy and how it supports your personal journey.

Listen to the latest episode of the Meet Me in Sacred Space Podcast and join me on this insightful journey.

Wishing you a dreamy weekend.

much love, Lori