Hello my sacred friend!

Over the weekend we had some pretty chilly weather . . . the kind that had me reconsidering if it is truly time to pack away my winter jacket or if I should keep it out just a bit longer. 

Ahh . . . Spring . . . it’s such a beautiful and wildly unpredictable time, one rich with insight.

As Chris and I have both been working from home these past couple months, we’ve been spending extra time in our flower gardens.

Spring is a time when Chris is typically coaching and putting in extra hours at work. It’s typically a time when snagging a couple hours in the garden to clear off the leaves, brush, and other dead stuff from the fall feels like a gift. But this year, as we are able to spend more time than usual, our spring garden is looking better than ever.

And all of this spring garden time has offered me some extra insight into the magic of the spring season . . .

In the past, I’ve associated spring with being a time to spring into action, a time when the dreams and ideas we were nurturing through the winter are ready to spring to life and come into bloom.

But what I actually missed about the spring season, is that in order for the plants to thrive, we need to give them space and in spring, that requires a bit (or sometimes a lot) of clean up.

Spring cleaning is important in so many areas of life . . . our homes, our closets, the kitchen, and in more subtle places such as our inner worlds. 

Spring is a great time to clear out the debris that is cluttering our inner worlds as well; to lovingly look within and attune to the dreams that are ready to bloom in our lives . . . to give our inner worlds a little spring refresh. 

During this spring refresh, it can be very helpful to lean into ceremony, sacred practice, and the support of others. 

In this week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast, I share how smoky quartz is a great ally during times of change as it inspires us to create space for our own blooming.

Listen in here:

Wishing you a joyful week!

much love, Lori

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Calling in Clarity Ceremony with Lori A Andrus