Hello my sacred friend.

How are you? 

Really . . . deep within, how are you?

A lot has unfolded (and continues to unfold) in the world over the past couple of weeks.

What many of us previously regarded as our normal day to day life is shifting in unexpected ways from one moment to the next.

Being the hermit that I am, I typically love an excuse to sink in at home: to dig into creative projects, watch reruns, listen to music, clear out closets, play with my crystals, and just sink into silence. Being quiet at home is familiar territory for me. It is a place I love to be, but right now, in the midst of so many unknowns and changes, my typically quiet home space feels a bit unsettled.

Like so many others (and quite possibly you) Chris and I are navigating new routines and what it means to both work from home. With each step, we find ourselves taking swift action and then in the space of waiting for a next bit of information to emerge. 

Waiting in the unknown is uncomfortable. 

Yet in the wait is an opportunity to be deeply present; an opportunity to Sink into Stillness. 

It is a rich time for discovering and creating a new normal.

As we navigate this very changing time, I feel like this is one of our greatest allies, sinking into stillness and becoming even more present within each moment. 

This week’s episode of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast explores how we can become more deeply present during this time.

Listen here:

Sending you lots of love, Lori

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