Signs, symbols, and taking leaps area a powerful combination for living your sacred path.

You have your own unique signs and symbols.  They reflect a sacred relationship between self and spirit…a relationship with its own language…a language only you know…Your Soul Language.

Knowing how to read those signs and symbols is truly a game changer when it comes to living our sacred path.  It is what cues us into our natural cycles and rhythms in such a way that when it is time for inspired action we take it without pause…and when it is time to leap we do so without hesitation.

I really believe there is nothing more valuable than learning the language of your soul.

Knowing my soul language, knowing how to read my unique signs and symbols, has literally changed my life…from my relationship with myself, to my relationship with others, to how I create, to how I make decisions within my business, to how I experience every corner of my life…it even came into play with launching the JourneyJewels Guide program.  I’m still in awe with how this Spirit message emerged…

Sacred GardenSeveral years ago I created a sanctuary in my garden that I call my ‘sacred garden.’  It is the space I sit within for dreaming, meditation, reflection, intention setting, ceremony and ritual.  Last summer as I was beginning to vision the JourneyJewels Guide Certification program I planted a sacred circle of crystals and stones in the earth at the very center of the garden.

Ceremony is a very significant part of my life, my practices, and of course this program.  When I planted the sacred circle of crystals & stones, my intention was to create an opening for the vision of this program and to invite together the community ready to step into their path as guides through the crystal and stone world.  I wanted clarity about this program on all levels and really wanted to know ‘when’ was its perfect timing.

Well early this spring as I was thinking about the timing for this program, and wondering when to announce it, something amazing began to happen…the crystals began unearthing all on their own. Yes, I understand that things emerge from the ground after a good long winter…I’m a country girl who, upon occasion, spent time helping the neighboring farmers pick stones…but I buried these crystals between 12″ and 18″ deep in an area of very compacted soil…this felt like a sign.  I felt like Spirit was saying “Now is the time Lori.  People are waiting and you have everything you need.  Now is the time for you to share your practices and processes for working with stones and for sacred creation.”  Crystal Alter

I’m still in awe thinking about it.  This felt like an unmistakable sign to leap into new territory…one that I’m so happy to in!  As the crystals continued to emerge I felt they were calling to be used in a new way…so they have now come into my home and become a part of a new alter…a sacred circle for each of you!

With this alter I celebrate you & your unique experience with your soul language!

During the upcoming JourneyJewels Guide Certification program we will be diving deep into Soul Language and learning how to tune into and receive Spirit messages in such a way that when it is time to leap into the unknown…you will do so confidently.

I would love for you to join my in taking this journey.  Learning your unique soul language and then how to guide others in learning theirs…ooh…it is such an amazing process!

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with crystal joy,