Ahh…today’s stone of the day is yet another personal favorite…the Shiva Lingam.

Our first meeting was at a local wellness fair and she came home with me with several other beautiful stones…a labradorite, a large quartz crystal, and a couple other little ones.  I remember feeling so struck that the Shiva Lingam was a naturally formed stone.  It felt impossible yet so incredible.  It was smooth and balanced.  I thought the coloring and markings looked like paintings.  And I just knew I wanted to learn more from this stone.

Lori A Andrus & Shiva Lingams at the Tucson Gem & Mineral ShowSince then I’ve met with many more and had many more make their way into my life and studio.  One of the most spectacular experiences I’ve had with Shiva Lingam’s was at the Tucson gem & mineral show.  I came across a vendor who had the largest pieces I have ever seen!  They were amazing!  Check out the photo to the left to just get a sense of what they were like…now imagine that some were even bigger yet than the ones pictured.

On that day I added to my collection with a piece that is about 14″ in length.  I feel like she is kind of a totem for the place between all dualities…the place where we experience a true union with the Divine.

The Shiva Lingam’s really hold space for us to discover what that means in our lives.  They teach use how to not only see the point of balance between dualities, but to step into it and live from that perspective of awareness.  This is truly an empowered place.

When we listen to the Shiva it asks us to reflect upon the places in our lives where we feel caught in opposition or duality.  It invites us to see both perspectives, to understand them and recognize that neither is right and neither is wrong.

Here is the message it has asked me to share with you today…Enjoy & Shine Brightly! – Lori

Shiva Lingam - Crystal Oracle - Lori A Andrus