Hello my sacred friend!

I’m here with an invitation for you to join me for a wildly feminine series of meaningful conversations!

My dear friend Shann Vander Leek has invited 16 priestesses, healers, artists, medicine women and teachers to circle up for the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event to share intimate stories of how each of these powerful women claimed their feminine sovereignty and learned to walk in beauty.

Last year I participated in this event as a speaker and enjoyed the experience so much (from the great conversations with inspiring women to the continued conversations on social media and the beautiful ways Shann so lovingly and generously creates this sacred offering) that I chose to sponsor the Goddess Talk Sessions to help her reach as many women as possible for this deeply profound series.

You can expect to experience sacred conversations and love offerings from women who want to share their secrets to walking in beauty.

Look who will be joining Shann for the Goddess Talk Sessions:

Terri Britt, Flora Aube, Tanya Markul, Lucinda Rae, Zinnia Gupte, Dr. Debra Reble,
Dr. Mary Pritchard, Amy Ahlers, Stacey Martino, Stacey Hoffer, Puja Madan,
Chanel Baran, C. Ara Campbell, Kendra Thornbury, and Tina van Leuven.

Step into the circle today at http://bit.ly/1HuurVh and receive access to 16 transformational conversations and 21 transformational gifts (including mine . . A Sacred Journey to the Heart – Guided Meditation)!

As Goddess Talk Sessions Hostess Shann Vander Leek says:
“When women circle up we can heal ourselves and change the world!”

Throughout this series, you’ll meet 16 inspiring women who have walked through fire, faced their fears, and showed up as their radiant selves to discuss the art of walking in beauty with you.

Join us and step into the circle today at >> http://bit.ly/1HuurVh

much love,

P.S.  I recently interviewed Shann (host of the Goddess Talk Sessions) for the Priestess Pathway Podcast. In this episode we dive into what it means to walk in beauty and reclaim our feminine sovereignty as well as talk about this exciting series of sacred conversations.

Listen in for lots of love, laughter, and soulful connection.